If Milly (named after Atlanta United player Miles Robinson) fits, Milly sits.

My top 10 Soccer Matches I was at.

1. AUFC 2 Timbers 0. MLS Cup Final. Enough said.
2. Crystal Palace 2 Man City 1. A chilly Monday night in Croyden, South London and an upset sprung.
3. AUFC 2 Minnesota United 1. US Open Cup Final.
4. NYRB 1 AUFC 0. ECF leg 2. Lost the day, won the tie.
5. AUFC 3 NYRB 0. ECF leg 1.
6. France 1 USMNT 1.
7. LFC 0 Soton 0. Up the Reds.
8. Tottenham 3 Stoke 0. White Hart Lane.
9. AUFC 1 OCSC 0. Tito away day wondergoal.
10. AUFC 2 Fire 0. Great away day.

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Steroids in sports 

I don't think steroids should keep you out of pro sports or pro sports halls of fame, but they shouldn't be allowed at the Olympics.

I was supposed to get married this weekend before Covid-19 postponed everything. I know it’ll be fine, but today is just rough.

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watching Onward and Barley is annoying af, holy hell

Life without sports is more brutal and miserable than I could have imagined. I knew it would be bad, I didn’t realize this bad.

I hate to vent given the circumstances, but I’m frustrated that my bachelor party and honeymoon have been wrecked by Covid-19. I know it feels selfish to say that but it just feels like what the hell.

Happy with ​:atlanta_united:​ last night. No Josef, kids showing up. Barco’s runs were on. Meza at the back is a rock. Time for the 2s v. Charleston.

Merci Henri. I find that I geek out over the Original Six era and the names attached to it so often so losing one of the names is significant to me.

Mid-Major conference tourney’s are something I’m here for.

Life without Josef is pain but we shall endure.


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