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an evergreen comment by today's NFL on CBS announcers: "wow, missed opportunity there for Buffalo!"

brady is gonna make out with his son so hard during halftime

the poor sportsmanship is disappointing, but I'm really disappointed with the lack of people making fun of Mahome's 7th grade mustache

shout out to on-sides kicks for making things exciting

*extreme nfl announcer voice* What the Bills have to do here is score some points.

guitar-shredding national anthem should be the only version

is there a minimum amount of brain damage that NFL announcers are required to have?

do people outside of Buffalo know that Niagara Falls isn't in Buffalo?

do we get a replay of the penalty? nah, lets watch a center lick his fingers in slow motion

this past summer, we rented a cottage in a small Maine town, we happened to see an older couple wearing Bills masks and I said "Go Bills!" - followed by the the guy talking my ear off about how great the Bills are looking this year until he had to be physically dragged away by his wife, I thought he was just an over-zealous fan at the time, but damn if they haven't had their best season in years

oh no, I may have spoke too soon, and if the Bills lose we're going to have to hear about that call for the next 25 years

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