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Ja was already climbing up my list of favorite players, might be #1 after posting a Righteous Gemstones screenshot

Point the First: David Culley got done dirty. No one should ever want to be involved with the :texans:

Point the Second: Jim Harbaugh is a fraud and any :nfl: team that hires him are chumps

I want y'all to know that I genuinely considered going to Tampa for this game. I could have stayed with my parents and everything, but tickets are too expensive for me to justify and it would suck to lose and then die of covid right after

They're talking about having Brandon Graham out there for the coin flip against Brady LMAO

Monday night it could have been so good but no, LA :bolts: suck

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sunday night can both lose game

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Early Sunday with our Admin team

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Onto the late Saturday game

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Okay, going to try to do a poll for :nfl: playoffs, who is going to win...

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