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She was like, “hey if you’re interested in season tickets they should be available around the end of the year. I know the price went up a little but not by a lot. I don’t have the new pricing, but it comes with a lot of extras. I don’t have a list of the extras yet. Someone might call you in December but they might not. I know that’s kind of nebulous”

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Redbirds rep just called to tell me I *didn’t* win a giveaway

Found out this week that Slay and Brandon Graham are both really into DBZ

Sinead O’Connor tearing up a photo of Jimmy Buffett

Eagles fans travel well. I bet Wentz will hear some boos on Sunday

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I need to pick a favorite but I don't yet know how the matches are structured. Like is it a tournament style or best of 3 or something? No idea

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In the office you’re not allowed to wear team jerseys (there was no dress code for *years* until a guy we called Tank Top Dan ruined it for everyone) but I’m at home so I wore Kenny Gainwell yesterday and I have a vintage Reebok midnight green McNabb on today

This is the reason I hate the Vikings. They weren’t even on my radar before this and now they’re in the top 5 of teams that I hate

Slay’s wife said she’s mad at him because he caught 2 picks but she thinks he could have gotten at least 3 more

2 games in and people are already talking about an Eagles v Bills Super Bowl because, if nothing else, together we have the best fans

I cannot *imagine* why Cousins would keep throwing at Slay.

NFL+ is the worst and dumbest streaming service, without question

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