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It’s also possible they clearanced it out because of the new word mark

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The sports memorabilia store nearby replaced the rack of Eagles stuff with another rack of Cowboys stuff which is an absolute affront to decency

commonwealth games starting, women's euros finishing on sunday. football season starting soon. world cup in november. mates, I simply love sport

NFL football starts on 9/11. Will there be a tribute?

I've been invited to participate in a dynasty FFL with all kinds of weird things like a super flex position and a bunch of other nonsense and I absolutely know I'm going to shit the bed in the draft

What our admin looks when they say that dogs can't play basketball

Fuck, I hope they blackout when they play the Cowboys. Fuck Dallas, all my homies hate Dallas :dallas_sucks:

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Itchy: Hi, Vince. You look like you've got something to say. Do you?
Vince McMahon: Yes, I certainly do!
[Roger Myers' voice] I have to go now. My planet needs me.

AllPro removed the McMahon falling over emoji. If anyone else has it I’d encourage you to do the same. Memes are fun but I’m not trying to see that piece of shit

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There’s Always Next Year's choices:


Welcome to! Allpro is a place to discuss sports, sports related things, etc. General stuff is fine (if you're watching the game with friends, you don't *only* talk about the game after all), but try to keep on topic.