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I was watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and just got to the one where the gang goes to the open try out with the :eagles: and already enjoying it

@thomas oh fuck finally i can pull out my old hat that looks like someone wiped their ass with.

Mickelson looks like that creep sitting in the corner of the strip club

I have watched Garrett Stubbs spike his bat after hitting a walkoff approximately one hundred times, and I can report: would

Is competitive vegetable growing a sport? The longest thread in AllPro history, closed after 300 comments of heated debate

This catbird is the new closer for the Phillies, they could do a lot worse

Is Mölkky a sport? If cornhole is I feel like it might be

19 sets left for both sticker sets, featuring @Louisa's adorable mascots! $10 for either; if you buy a recolor, all proceeds go to Trans Lifeline.

You also get:
- a (very seasonally-appropriate) otter-in-snow stamp;
- a hand-written thank-you note with a fun :lnp: fact!

Venmo us at @lnpgaceta, tell us where to send them, and we'll have them in the mail by the next day.

It is extremely competitive, there are clearly defined goals, it can be athletic as well.

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Thomas Deportista (RHP, :chupacabras:) has opened each of his five spring starts with a three-pitch strikeout.

His line, one out into a game against the :peregrinos:

21.1 IP, 2-1, 1.69 ERA / 0.98 WHIP, 17 K / 4 BB

said this was sad and sure, a little, but it’s also very funny and he’ll find a job with another team and he can show them the Mohawk

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Gutted out the win today Weddle 85 - 6/8

As we head into the 4th inning:

:chupacabras: 2
:valencianos: 1—thanks to three errors by the Chupacabras.

@Louisa's currently reading an ad for matches.

Come watch:

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