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Then root for American athletes but like, not America. This helps you to avoid much of the nationalism I think. At least in your own head

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The trick to watching the Olympics is to choose some small country that's never won a medal and root for them. My Summer choice was Vanuatu but as a tropical island I'm not sure if they represent in winter, lol

Serengeti - "Dennehy"

favorite actor: Dennehy
favorite drink: O'Doul's
Bears Hawks Sox Bulls

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This is one thousand percent correct and also it references "Dennehy" by Serengeti, which rules

Man only gave them two winning seasons in a row in the middle of an obvious rebuild

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It's so awesome to see that the Eagles are going to have two picks in the teens and another at 32

My wife said “that’s a really Chargers way to end things”

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this is top-tier shitposting:

"In a delightful bit of petty, Baltimore showed a video ‘tribute’ to Roethlisberger during a late-game timeout, in which they showed nothing but highlights and headlines of the quarterback getting sacked or losing. That’s how you do a rivalry."

After the game Derek Carr said that the Chargers late timeout “changed [the Raiders’] mindset” before QUICKLY correcting himself and saying that they were always playing to win

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