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Nobody is taking a time out. This is happening. It’s happening.

Just let the clock run, please. We can do this together

Alternating who I’m rooting for as the drive develops. Big stop here Raiders!

Turned away to watch the grizz game and had no idea the Chargers actually found a way to tie that game holy shit lmao

Based on how much he wanted that fumble to be a touchback, I reckon Collinsworth has money on the Chargers tonight

Tiebreaker poll!

Rather than use our collective Commissioner powers, we've elected to let you decide the final member of the Round of 8.

Get cracking!

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I hope the first play from scrimmage is a QB kneel and the crowd goes absolutely bonkers

Also personally, I would be so excited to watch that play out. Both sides nerved up, waiting to see if the other side will betray them. Must see TV

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If you’re the HC of the Chargers or Raiders do you play for the tie? Like it’s definitely the right choice for your players and team, isn’t it? You’re basically getting a bye week and guaranteeing the playoff spot.

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