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4 year extension and literally did nothing on Sunday. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Convinced that Taysom Hill has pictures of Sean Payton with a severed head or something

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Who bores into your mortal soul with their eyes with more ruthless efficacy, my cat Ruby or architect of modern football John Heisman

Steve Levy keeps saying people’s names wrong. He keeps calling Godwin “Goodwin” and called Daniel Jones “David”

When the Bucs are winning my parents are insufferable about it but I wish nothing but ill upon the New York Football Giants

I always forget the Clapper is the O coordinator for NYG

If you said this in Philly they would be pulling your body from the Schuylkill river

Absolute horseshit that they didn't bring back the Showboats

Part of the broadcasting deal, that's a nice little slice for them. Sounds like everything is totally above board!

I like sports photography that is lacking a critical piece of context. In this case, Hurts used to be near that guy but shattered dude's ankles with a disgusting juke

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Which spring football league will survive more than one season?

Seems unfair to pit two whole states against some cities but what do I know

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Birmingham, Philly, Pittsburgh, Houston, New Jersey, Tampa, New Orleans, Michigan

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