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I’ve decided I simply don’t want to hear shit about Carson Wentz’s “journey”

Hollywood Brown get me 30 Fantasy points challenge

What are the odds he makes it to the end of the season? Gotta be slim

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lol they didn’t know Urban Meyer stayed behind in Cinci last week

Lightning delay is going to result in like 14 hours of football today

What if it turns out that listening to Paul Anka while you warm up is the key to being good at football?

Saquon deserves better than the Giants. Hope he’s not out for too long

I am constantly stopping myself from buying a Gainwell jersey

I mean, other than the fact that we’re gonna get mudstomped by the Bucs on TNF this week

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Our D was terrible the last 2 weeks so great job making up for it

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He just did the Cam Newton Superman celebration in the end zone. 😬 in Carolina

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He’s had a tough game but I believe in Jalen Hurts

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