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It takes someone with a lot of agility, strength, and dedication to fuck anywhere but a bed. Luckily there won’t be anyone like that at the Olympics.

if you win the British Open you get a cheeky Nando's and a pint of lager

Wed day game for :lnp: was fun! Definitely something I was enjoying bouncing back and forth to between work calls. Echa Fufú!

If you've ever wanted a Wednesday day game from the :lnp:—well, today you get your wish.

At 2:45 PM EDT, the :brujos: face the :artesanos: in the seventh game of their young season.


A day late but not only does Ohtani speak English, it literally does not matter. Fuck Stephen A and his “apology” :stephena:

I mean, home run derby is cool and all but which MLB player would even stand a chance at the KBO Bunt Derby?

Watching UEFA championship at the gym. Who am I rooting for?

Can’t believe the Eagles stole their original logo from Yeungling

In 2012, the Philadelphia Eagles were thinking of re-branding their uniforms. This is a recently leaked image they’re saying is a mock-up.

I like the helmet but not the rest of it and the color is all wrong. Looks like the Jets

This should be allowed and if you get away with it you can take the next shot

I would actually love to go to the Olympics and check it out in 2028 though when half of us are dead so it won't be as crowded

So, are they saying that England was involved in shining a laser into the Denmark goalie's eyes? They've apparently gotten "charged" by soccer's governing body or something

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