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You would not believe how quickly I can create and add a new emojo at this point

Say what you will about Eagles fans, at least there's not a reputation for racism

No matter what happens today, the Grizz have defied expectations and are going to be a force in the near future :grizz:

4 years ago today Bryce Harper tried to commit justifiable homicide and almost did it but for the helmet slipping from his glove

I have lot of opinions in roofs in baseball but I still think Montreal had one of the coolest, even if not really used (I think only tested)

Harder to achieve

Apparently a lot of communists hate sports which makes me lmao


Haha what if Villarreal scored in both halves, how about that?

Can someone explain to me why the MLB Gameday thing is constantly telling me dudes are throwing knuckle curves, when in fact no one in Major League Baseball has thrown a knuckle curve since nineteen dickety two

I realized I haven’t deleted the Wentz emojo. I need to replace it with Hurts

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The Eagles will make the playoffs this year. Just had to say it out loud. :fletch: :swoop: :eagles: :iggles: :mcnabb: :fletch_dance: :stephena:

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