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Booing Roger Goodell is a Draft tradition COVID took away from us in 2020 and I’m glad we’ve got it back

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Trevor Lawrence looks so fucking weird. Long faced motherfucker. Too much face

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They’re going to bring a fan up every pick to sit in Goodell’s old chair

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Remember there's two polls awaiting your vote right now!

The more recent one is here:

I’ll be watching and likely yelling at the draft tonight

Just once I want to eat a baseball like an apple

I'm just saying I wouldn't be mad if those two things happen

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Hm, what if Clayton Kershaw struck out 3 more people and the Dodgers won, what about that?

We've got a deciding frame between McGill and Bingham! An absolute classic match, both playing outstanding snooker. What a treat

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it's time for a World Snooker Championship update! Today is the last day of the quarter-finals. It's a stacked field and this morning last year's runner-up Kyren Wilson looks to be getting the decisive advantage over the thunder from down-under, Neil Robertson. The battle of the 3-time champion Marks, Selby v Williams, is looking very one-sided in Selby's favour.

My team: Atlanta United

Teams I wish well: Minnesota, Chicago, Vancouver.

Teams I don’t mind: Portland, SKC, Montreal, San Jose.

Meh: Seattle, Cincinnati, New England, Dallas, Houston, Austin, RSL, Colorado

Shitlist pt. 1 on-field shenanigans: Philadelphia

Shitlist pt. 2 your fans and your pitch: NYCFC, Nashville

Shitlist pt. 3 we can’t beat you reg season edition: DCU (in 2017), NYRB.

Shitlist pt. 4 playoff losses: Columbus, Toronto

Shitlist pt 5 you exist: LAFC, LAG, Orlando, Miami

Someone tell me not to buy this t-shirt after (it is Tatis Jr response to Bauer whining that a sign may or may not have been stolen by a player on second)

I never get reports so I'm just looking for admin shit to do

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