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Making the walk of shame to take down my Eagles flag outside

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Good thing this season doesn’t count

Eagles are the first NFL team to lose to a team without a fucking name

I’ll see y’all next week sometime, IDK

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Haha well at least I can’t actually watch this crap at the moment

Wentz barely missed Raegor on what would have been a 70+ yard TD. I want to see that attempted more though

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That’s all the noon games! Browns/Ravens is gonna be the surprising game when the Baker to OBJ finally becomes the threat people thought it would be last year.

GB/Minn is a shootout a sRodgers shows he’s still got gas in the tank and gives a furious post game after proving himself unstoppable

Carson Wentz ascends to godhood and smites the Washington Football Team with his mighty hand

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:seahawks: 24
:falcons: 31

:jets: 10
:bills: 27

:bears: 17
:lions: 21

:packers: 35
:vikes: 28

:dolphins: 21
:pats: 7

:eagles: 200
:washington: -50

:raiders: 14
:panthers: 24

:colts: 21
:jaguars: 3

:browns: 21
:ravens: 24

Carson Wentz looked so fucking good on that first drive. I know it’s Washington but I watched him escape a sack looking like 2017 Wentz

I’m glad Dan Snyder took my call when I offered the suggestion

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AllPro called them The Washington Football Team first.

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