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Nice to see Gritty cosplay as the Gobbledy Gooker for Thanksgiving.

Blough is gonna have a great game, win it, start next week and then get *immediately* benched when he shits the bed and throws 4 INTs in a half.

Youth pastor voice: “You know *another* Lion that came off the bench to save a lost cause...”

If I were a Bears fan I would uh.... not be happy with that choice

Was that a business decision or did Trubisky not know where he was on the field?

I think that’s just called “playing football”

Pretty sure the :bears: and :lions: are not where they expected to be but surely the :lions: knew in their heart they would be bad because they are the :lions:

I still believe in Wentz despite the fact that at this point I absolutely should not. :wentz:

I don’t know if y’all watch any SB Nation videos that aren’t :bois: but this one is a lot of fun.


The worst thing about the NFC East is that I still have hope at 5-6. Just let us die already.

pass interference shouldn't be a penalty. that's called defense, fuck off

Yeah sure I’ll watch the Grey Cup, too, why the fuck not

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