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my phone autocorrected 'Spanos' to 'Spanks' and I considered not changing it

Spanos said there’s “no fucking way” the Chargers are moving to London, so it’s probably happening.

Let’s brainstorm some new names for the Chargers after their London move.

London Bobbies
London Werewolves
London Kings
London Queens

Sorry, but wanted to share this post about the cat from elsewhere:
"Kevin Harlan's Westwood One radio call of the cat on the field is, as you might expect, an all-time great call. How much of a pro is Harlan? He worked a sponsor read into it."

(also poor kitty, it must have been so scared)

Fuck the Spanos family. And London‽ Is there really a market for a new team? Why not just make the Chargers a barnstorming team that plays home games in a new city! Football in Zurich and then Beijing. Makes more sense.
Fuck the Spanos family

if anyone is desperate for baseball in the off season there's a couple youtube channels that show dominican leagues games live. (there's two games going right now in fact) the commentators speak spanish tho


Also the gods lived on Olympus not in Athens (maybe he was visiting).

So happy to live in the biggest media and culture market in the city and I get to enjoy (check notes) the :jets_retro: v :dolphins:

Or I could nap.

canucks vs sharks 

Selfie, EC 

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