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@triangle I’ve been coping by watching sports movies and obsessively following NFL free agency

@kevinwhipwrecked the fact that it’s really Pens players in the movie is cool

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if they NHL weren't cowards they'd call for a 31-team 3-on-3 tournament for the Cup when they come back

@Padres RIP to that song, move them back to San Diego

@kevinwhipwrecked it’s been pretty tough. I’m watching sports movies to get through. Sudden Death is streaming right now!

@homeruncowboy is this the one where you can give the car a boost or something?

I want Olympics but they’re gonna be cancelled, huh?

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Baseball might be a team sport, but in the first decade of the :lnp:, each team's fortunes could easily turn on the performance of a single player.

Not a moment too soon, as the week closes out, we've finished the All-Decade Team for the Liga Hostos:

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@gd525 football coming back and the Pats winning Brady’s first Super Bowl was that year as well I believe

@gd525 what the fuck kinda bullshit is this. Also sports are great for this fucked up situation for god’s sake

@mattamatic I guess I could see that. It’s a really interesting doc that goes into the traditions that have excluded women and shows some competitions. It’s maybe 20 minutes?

I’d never watched any before AllPro and I’ve since watched like a dozen matches and also a really great short documentary about female sumo called Little Miss Sumo. It’s on Netflix and it’s very good

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@lnpgaceta a terrible team with miles and miles of heart

@lnpgaceta after our faithful Gaceta reporter dogged the Ingenieros in the open, all I wanted was a win and I got my wish!

@lnpgaceta I can’t see anything! I can hear your voice but the video is just black

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