@NextTootWins I dunno! There are coed softball leagues in the US but high school and collegiate is all women. No clue what the rules are.

all love and support to Simone Biles

she doesn't owe anybody anything

Allegedly Kelvin Benjamin got caught stealing food from the Giants facility, had a heated argument with the GM and coach and then stormed off the field and they released him.

Simone Biles 

@Padres the kind of focus needed for that level of competition is astonishing. I hope taking some time helps her get right for the individual competition

women's team gymnastics 

@NextTootWins it’s devastating. I hope she’s okay and I hate that we won’t see the best in the world compete

@neoncoughh I like JV though! Curious about that pick though for real

@Padres @mattamatic for sure! Stick all the Olympics on the app and give out a month of Premium free during the games. See how many people you can hook

@mattamatic @Padres I have Comcast cable with the sports package, it comes with Peacock premium free, I have the NBC Sports app, and yet it is still a hassle to find the things I want to watch. They ought to just have a “pay $10 to watch the Olympics” thing

@NextTootWins at some point we must admit to ourselves that most Olympic athletes could get it

I am here to celebrate the triathlon commentators having to come up with something unique to say about the 20 foot gundam statue the bike route passes for all eight laps

NBC cut to Tony Hawk and immediately started playing ska

An Algerian judo competitor withdrew from the Olympics rather than face an Israeli opponent due to his political support of Palestine🇵🇸

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