Like I hope the man never plays another winning season of football but that Super Bowl never happens without Wentz and anyone that says otherwise is clueless

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Nothing’s more funny than this being Rick Rude’s fake name in Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special.

My son has no concept of why someone would not be allowed to play baseball because of the color of their skin and it's my responsibility to try and explain it the best I can. It's easy to think about this happening a long time ago

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This isn't ancient history, my grandpa was a teenager the day Robinson broke the color barrier

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I just won some money betting on women’s tennis

Watson SA cases 

@Padres we’re not the *other* PA team, we have standards

Watson SA cases 

@Padres I keep seeing rumors that the Eagles are still interested and I’m going to drive to Philly and deck Howie Roseman

Eli has more Super Bowls than the Jeopardy! host lolololol

I miss booing at people, not going to lie

"if you hit a home run we push you around in a laundry cart and everyone slaps you" is the type of ritual that makes baseball fun

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