Trevor Lawrence positive for COVID. Cancel college sports for the love of god

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the ducks should still be called the Mighty Ducks. its a better name and naming a team after a terrible kids movie is the kind of wonderful awful thing you just gotta go all in on

Gotta beat Dallas on Sunday and then the division is ours

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It's a real possibility that in the next couple weeks (certainly after the bye) the Eagles will have a legit receiver group in addition to both starting TEs

We regret to inform you that the Dodgers are still the World Series Champions

Jim Kelly is in the Hall of Fame for Pete’s sake

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Donovan McNabb would be in the hall of fame already if he weren’t black.

@gd525 the black QB shit is real. Ask McNabb or hell Lamar when they tried to convince him to work out as a receiver

@gd525 except Brady to Foles because he is a coward

@gd525 sort of like the NFL saying no handshakes after the game. Absolutely not enforced at all, everyone does it

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Even when they win the Dodgers fuck something up

@nsmckinnon @gzt whaaaaat. Do you think he told his teammates before celebrating with them?

@gzt happened during the game! I was just about to post this as well

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whenever there were 2 outs in an inning and the count was 2-2, my greatgrandmother would say "the deuces are up"

i've never heard anyone else say it and i don't know if that was just her own weird thing she came up with

but she was insistent and "nothing ever happens when the deuces are up" so

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@Absolutely_Blakely @ItsJenNotGabby @AngryCvilleian @nsmckinnon I don't hate him either, he's just like... an asshole that I met a few times and he's mean to people but we like the same team

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