@Padres the Rams absolutely should not have been in that game.

@Padres Anything would be better than last year. Nick Foles was the last person to pass for a TD in the Super Bowl. :bdn:

My previous post was unclear. Please use appropriate CW when talking about Kobe

@francie :texans: should just be texans! no caps I guess?


@homeruncowboy I refuse to google anything and will simply be wrong forever.

@homeruncowboy I see Imperium and immediately think of Warhammer and I’m not sure if that’s what this is about or if there’s some soccer team out there called Imperium, there’s simply no way to know.

Aaron Hernandez and everything that entails, CTE, murder, etc 

@Padres Express grew on me. The games were a ton of fun though

@Padres I loved the Express games. Every one was exciting! I have a dope Starter jacket from them as well. I still wear it despite the end of the league

@Padres yeah, I hate that it was so poorly managed. The football was actually really good!

@Padres they intentionally went after cities with established NFL markets with the idea that those people would be more inclined to attend a game since they’re used to going already. We’ll see if it was a good plan! The AAF did the opposite and only one city ever really turned out in larger numbers

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Aaron Hernandez and everything that entails, CTE, murder, etc 

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