The New Heights podcast with Jason and Travis Kelce is very good. They both have big personalities and are super engaging. Even if you’re not a Chiefs or Eagles fan, if you like football check it out

@Padres there are (apparently) over 180 million “NFL Fans”. If 1/4 of those buy in that’s $11 billion and you keep all your current TV contracts unchanged. Call it NFL MyTeam+

@Padres I will once again write a letter to the NFL that says I will happily pay $25 a month from August to January if I can simply watch the Eagles play every week. That’s all! I don’t need every out of market game, or every score around the league, or special insights from Rich Eisen. Just Eagles stuff. If you want to give me extra just have it link to their YouTube page.

Through the first 3 weeks:

• 67% comp.
• 916 passing yards
• 167 rushing yards
• 106.5 passer rating
• 12 throws of 20+ yards
• 7 total TDs (4 passing), 1 INT

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Jalen Hurts is the first QB in NFL history with 900+ passing yards and 150+ rushing yards in first 3 games of a season

@JockJamJen imagine having a ball punted straight into your butt cheek though. I bet he’s gonna have a huge bruise

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