@Padres personally I’m always rooting for classic Budweiser, AKA Bud Heavy. Tough to stop that kind of dynasty

Reenacting the Bud Bowl on my kitchen table

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I’m wearing a jersey today because it is literally the only item of clothing that violates our dress code

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@TheComputer I became a gamer, dirt. That’s what this world has done to me

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@gd525 agree. Shannon Sharpe said the same as I recall

@francie Shannon Sharpe was talking about how nobody would trade because they knew the Panthers would have to release him. So why give anything up and take on his deal when you can grab him in free agency and make the deal you want :sharpe_like:

@mattamatic every defense collapses before their triple reverse option

Where do we reckon Cam Newton ends up? San Diego? New England?

@gdkar comes out in 11 months totally emaciated but with absolutely massive, chiseled calves

Delayed a year. Gonna be annoying for the one relay runner that has to keep the torch lit for a year

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