Bills rookie Jake Fromm is about to be cut for his racism. His cousin posted the text and refused to take it down despite his begging. Good for them.

@ItsJenNotGabby fuck, that’s a lot of bad luck. I guess you can’t complain if you’re a fan though. It’s been a good few years

@Padres it would be pretty cool if they found a way to make it happen. Ja Morant is really great if nothing else

@Padres Grizz currently sitting at 8, seven games back from the Mavs and 3.5 ahead of the Trailblazers. Gonna be tough to keep that up in 8 games

Like, weren't the Warriors in the Finals like the last 5 years? How are they 15-50? How do you collapse like that?

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I'm so bad about following basketball that I'm legit surprised at these standings

I think they're playing like a small number of "regular season" games and then doing a playoff? I should probably read up some more on it but I think even if the Grizz win out they're far enough back that they aren't getting into any kind of tournament

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Grizz barely made it into the weird NBA Disney World playoff

IDK it's not like you're using someone's face, it's the airplane.

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*Although* this opens up a whole other can of worms. Like technically is this is having the Tuskeegee airmen as a mascot?

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@Timmy Not sure they'd go for a cute mascot, but I like the way this is headed

This will never happen as long as Dan Snyder, the worst owner in the NFL, is still in charge

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@homeruncowboy I just hope it's not injuries again this season. The Birds have fired their training staff 2 years in a row I think?

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