No one knows what xwoba means and there is no way to ever find out

@soccer thanks, I appreciate it. I hate sports now, so there's that.

I hope Alshon is healthy for the :seahawks: otherwise we are absolutely screwed.

I would die before I voted for Derek Jeter for the Hall of Fame


@Padres Also never forget that Ray Lewis killed a man.

@mattamatic I'm sorry, I don't recollect an "Emmitt Smith". Must have been so long ago as to be completely irrelevant @Padres

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@Padres I just... I want to win the division. The Cowboys *can't* win it 2 years in a row. If they do, they won't shut up about it for a fucking decade.

@Padres just... just for the year. It's fine, everything will be fine.

@Padres I'm seriously on the fence as to whether or not we should bring in AB...

@Padres If I were the Eagles, I would have simply traded for literally any WR before the trade deadline.

@CarolinaPhil It's all of them, Nelly has just dropped 2 potential game winners. I'm pretty sure the Eagles have more dropped passes than any other team this year. It's a nightmare.

@Padres yeah, having our defense healthy for the first time all year really showed. They did the best they could considering they were on the field the entire second half

And probably any time I see Nelson Agholor on the football field

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