just popping back in to point out that I don't know how tall Buddy Ryan was, he just seems short

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@kevinwhipwrecked @Pixley something about pale blue just screams :sports: for whatever reason

@faehnrich @Timmy Ghoulardi! Way better name than Guardians, imo :cle_guardians: It's also the same name as an XFL team

Oh dang. My buddy with the Cleveland Guardians roller derby team is sueing the Cleveland baseball team for copyright infringement for taking the same name.

Seems like they were in talks for the the MLB team to buy the rights, but those broke down and the MLB team went ahead with the name anyway.


@kevinwhipwrecked Tua stay away from Philly bb, I wouldn't want to do that to you. :sadkong:

@BDA @Pixley I think a few others too, but they play at FedEx field, so

@BDA @Pixley Fed Ex is the only reason Washington Football Team changed their name

@Pixley it will take Coca-Cola or another huge sponsor saying something to change it

Heard there was baseball on is that right?

@Pixley “citing the teams relationship with local native Americans” are you kidding

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