I’ll be rooting for Vanuatu 🇻🇺 in Judo, Rowing, and Table Tennis. They’ve never won a medal!

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Okay, one of the folks I’ll be rooting for, Abouke Ng, the sole representative from Nauru 🇳🇷. She’ll be competing Sunday!

Cleveland Guardians is kind of a generic name but I like the logo! :cle_guardians:

It takes someone with a lot of agility, strength, and dedication to fuck anywhere but a bed. Luckily there won’t be anyone like that at the Olympics.

Can’t believe the Eagles stole their original logo from Yeungling

In 2012, the Philadelphia Eagles were thinking of re-branding their uniforms. This is a recently leaked image they’re saying is a mock-up.

I like the helmet but not the rest of it and the color is all wrong. Looks like the Jets

This should be allowed and if you get away with it you can take the next shot

I thought this was a bit but apparently he is sincere and I’ve lost it

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