Hey y'all, no obligation at all, and please donate to literally anything else first, but if you've got a little money that you were going to burn in the street or throw down an open rain gutter, you can always donate that to support AllPro: Mastodon's Only Sports Instance instead!

Once again, donate to anything else first please. Also, if you have a better slogan than "Mastodon's Only Sports Instance" that's equally helpful

Also whoops that has my whole ass name so enjoy and please don't look up anything else about me

@thomas I sure hope you don't look me up when I do have some cash to throw at this so I'm not risking mutual assured destruction

@thomas names come in and out of my brain especially if I don't ask more then a few times and normally only do because it is socially acceptable to learn a name and not be rude

@Padres I try hard to remember the parents of my son’s friends but it’s tough

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