Brittney Griner got 9 fucking years. Weren’t we trading a spy for her or something?

@thomas Fingers crossed it still comes off and they get that teacher and Whelan too

@thomas as I understand it (and I'm definitely not an expert), this gives Russia more leverage. They're still planning on letting her be traded, but they'll probably ask for more in return now

(if you read something explaining it better or saying it's not what I said, please tell me!!)

@thomas it's the Merchant of Death, Nic Cage played him in that movie (arms dealer of Warsaw equipment to Africa wars)

@thomas he may have worked with the CIA back in the day, Afghanistan weapon trade make strange bed fellows

@whiskeysailor I’m sure he’s a real bad guy but “Merchant of Death” is a cool nickname

@thomas it really is. I think it is the title of the book I read about him, the movie was Lord of War which is also not bad at all for horrible thing, cool sounding name

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