Biggest thing is don’t buy merch, boycott the league or bootleg the games so they don’t get advertising revenue. It’s hard to hit that kind of juggernaut in the wallet but it’s worth a shot.

Reach out to the league, your favorite team, whoever. Watson should never play pro football again and Goodell should immediately be removed as commissioner of the league.

@thomas re: Goodell being removed

I'm not sure this system can be reformed

@neoncoughh @thomas Goodell’s whole job is to sit there and take the heat so Jerry Jones and Cal McNair and all the rest of them don’t get what’s coming to them.

The only way you reform this system is by handing the league to the players, at which point neither the people who make money off them nor a large percentage of the people who enjoy their exploits are going to dig trenches against them.

@nsmckinnon @neoncoughh The way the NFL PA operates just isn't going to even lean towards player control. People like Richard Sherman were so outspoken about how abusive the league is towards players but it would take a lot more.

As for Goodell, no, him getting canned wouldn't reform the system, but it would at least send a message if there's enough public outrage. But the NFL is so dominant in American culture that the kind of pressure necessary feels impossible

@nsmckinnon @neoncoughh Also, someone needs to completely dismantle the Washington Commanders for every kind of abuse imaginable and the Browns for their owner being an actual criminal and now Watson on top of that

@thomas @neoncoughh TBH I don’t see the NFLPA ever being as strong as the MLBPA or NBAPA, and that latter one is mostly because the league and the players have both given up on marketing to the “college basketball is way more exciting*” types. NFL players know full well a plurality of football fans think of them as fantasy points or game board pieces rather than human beings with bodily organs that age and decay due to time and injury. That’s a fatal weakness in their leverage.

* whiter

@thomas @neoncoughh Which is why Goodell’s not getting canned, because in a sense, he’s doing his job perfectly. You can talk about canning him or dismantling teams, but if the NFL could be swayed into doing those things by public pressure, it would require the DOD and local governments to stop pumping money into flyovers and new stadia, which would require fans to do actual consumer action, and American sports fans would rather crawl over broken glass than go follow the Finnish league instead.

@nsmckinnon @neoncoughh yeah, and that new USFL league has attracted no interest as far as I can tell. I didn’t even know they’d started games. XFL will be out soon too but who knows about that and there’s no reason to believe those leagues won’t have equally toxic cultures

@thomas Goodell is doing exactly what he gets paid to do, take the heat from the real power, the owners. I'll be shocked if any of them actually take a stand. Money above all

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