@thomas yeah iirc there's a dirty jobs episode on the guy who does the mud

@thomas did you know the stone for every curling stone ever made comes from the same quarry in a Scottish island?

@SportsGoblin @thomas So here’s what’s great about that: before the past couple seasons, the idea was that this mud imparted the balls with the exact texture and tack that pitchers were used to, and therefore ensured the balls were substantially similar to throw year to year.

But ever since :mlb: started demonstrably fucking with the balls (every year since 2019 at least), they’ve also gotten way worse at ensuring every ball has even coverage of mud, too. Pitchers and hitters are complaining.

@nsmckinnon @SportsGoblin this is like if the NFL dipped each ball into a river to get the right grip. SURELY in 2022 there’s a better way, but the players actually noticed so maybe not???

@thomas @SportsGoblin @nsmckinnon Imagine being the person who rubs the balls with mud. You'd have to lie when you tell people what you do for a living.

@georgieboy @SportsGoblin @nsmckinnon “I’m the mud rubber. No, it’s really important actually. Mom, it *is* a real job”

@thomas @georgieboy @SportsGoblin tbh I learned this morning all the rosin bags you see during games are made by one dude and his dog in San Francisco, so I mean, it’s possible

@thomas @georgieboy @SportsGoblin @nsmckinnon

I'm not the mud-rubber; I'm the mud-rubber's son,
I'm only rubbing mud until the mud-rubber comes

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