It's time for the last match of the —loser has to be content with a sticker, winner gets their own T-shirt on the Tiendita!

(1) Llantuvia ( :grises:) vs.
(3) Citrombo ( :citricos:)

Poll downthread!

These two couldn't be more apart if we'd planned this from the beginning.

We don't have much else to say. No types, no move lists, nothing. Just enjoy how wonderful these designs were, courtesy (as always) of @Louisa.

And now, at long last, it's time.

Decide a winner for the !

The votes for the final round of the are in—and boy, there were a lot of them! 73 of you voted for your favorite mascot!

By a score of 41-32, the winner of Mascot Bowl I is . . . .

¡Citrombo the Acidic!

As winner of Mascot Bowl I, Citrombo :citricos: will get its very own shirt and individual sticker in the Tiendita de la LNP:

Llantuvia gets its own sticker, too, plus autoentry into Mascot Bowl II. Thanks to everyone for voting!


@lnpgaceta any chance for a magnet in addition to the sticker?

@thomas Hmmmm. We’ll have to check if the magnets are cut properly.

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