Birmingham, Philly, Pittsburgh, Houston, New Jersey, Tampa, New Orleans, Michigan

Seems unfair to pit two whole states against some cities but what do I know

@thomas FOX being involved in owning this is a red flag right here. I might adopt the Stars as my team if I even bother with it for reasons because of who was associated with the Jersey franchise historically.

I just hope when the :xfl: relaunches the :guardians: come back.

@gd525 I think they're going to be bringing back all the teams when the XFL relaunches but I could be wrong. I didn't know FOX actually had an ownership stake in the USFL. It's more than just like broadcasting rights?

@thomas the last I heard they were gonna have the first season in hub cities which I thought was friggin stupid for an upstart league. Unless they all of a sudden changed plans and are actually gonna have games in arenas.

@thomas ‘Fox Sports Dropping Huge USFL Announcement Today On The Herd’

extremely pass

@kevinwhipwrecked I just found out about it because an Eagles Twitter page I follow tetweeted the Philly team’s logo. Had 0 idea what it was, thought maybe like a soccer team or something

@thomas I won't fuck it up this time, I will cop some merch the second it drops

@derek I still wear my AAF Memphis Express Starter Jacket all the time. It rules to have that kind of thing actually

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