NFL PA is requesting the release of all 650,000 emails that the NFL reviewed in their investigation of the WFT (the result of which was Gruden losing his job)

They are absolutely attempting to protect the WFT and Dan Snyder

@thomas they are going to the same place the SpyGate tapes went

@kevinwhipwrecked the league is already saying they won’t give them up because of “confidentiality” meanwhile Snyder will suffer no consequences

@thomas @kevinwhipwrecked hasn't he suffered enough, being forced to have his wife run the team for (checks notes) for a few months to focus on trying to get every penny from the county/city for a new stadium? Plus 10 million to charity, what is that, a whole .25% of his net worth‽ Honestly I'm shocked he isn't begging on the street

@Padres @kevinwhipwrecked on the one hand he should lose his team because he’s a huge piece of shit, but on the other he’s mismanaged that team so badly that they haven’t been truly competitive in years and also they’re in our division so who can say if he’s good or bad

@thomas @Padres they dropped Jerry Richardson INSTANTLY but somehow Snyder still hangs around like a bad smell, it's crazy

@kevinwhipwrecked @Padres I think because it’s one of those hundred year old franchises they protect it more. Only thing I can figure other than Snyder having some kind of dirt on Jerry Jones or Goodell

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