Lol he “resigned”. I’m sure that’s exactly how it went down

@thomas I literally came here this morning to say we're not talking about this enough on Allpro.

But also lol at Mark Davis tryna say this isnt what the Raiders stand for as if he, his daddy, and their fans dont drop N bombs like it's fuccin Desert Storm. I believe that 0%

@thomas I'm glad he's gone, but would you look at that, they just replaced him with another white man. The NFL consistently learns nothing, and they owe Kaep and Eric Reid a public LOUD apology and a bunch of money

@JockJamJen it’s not like they didn’t know about this! It just became public and they had to act. It’s horrible to think of the players on his team that had to go to work knowing who this man is. Hell, Carl Nassib is the only openly gay player in the league and his coach is out here openly using the f slur

@JockJamJen looks like they promoted special teams coord which I think is pretty standard for interim coaches. One would hope they’d take some real time choosing a replacement

@thomas Their D backs coach has 21 years experience and is Black, their Offensive asst ciach has 4 years experience and is Black, their Wide Receivers coach has 27 (!!) years experience and is Black. They absolutely did not have to promote another white man, whether it's temporary or not.

@JockJamJen honestly, seeing that amount of experience not moving up is kind of staggering. If only for the optics would have been a better

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