It takes someone with a lot of agility, strength, and dedication to fuck anywhere but a bed. Luckily there won’t be anyone like that at the Olympics.


How many weight lifters will end up on the ground because their cardboard bed broke

@jetsmetsclown It’s “impossible” that all these athletes breaking their beds happen to be nude? I don’t know what to tell you!

Seems like that post you screenshotted is bullshit. Apparently they will support up to 200 kg, so unless two weightlifters want to cuddle, that should be fine.

They have these beds for a supposed lesser environmental impact.

Yeah, the cardboard beds are real. But they were not designed to prevent sex, nor would they collapse under the weight of two average athletes.

@friend listen, you may know a lot about Linux, but when it comes to sports, I’m the captain (term for someone in a leadership position of a sports team) and as I mentioned in the OP, Olympic athletes can fuck anywhere they want, even if a cardboard bed isn’t strong enough to cradle their perfectly sculpted bodies

I'm not claiming any expertise here, other than that I expect the average athlete to weigh less than 100 kg.

Because, according to the article I linked, these cardboard beds can hold 200 kg. So, most athletes can have sex on them without any problem.

Yes, of course, they can fuck anywhere they want. I'm not questioning that.

@friend a combined weight of 2 athletes in peak physical condition being an average of 180 kg or so and the tensile strength of cardboard being around 30kg per square inch, these beds will be fucked through on day one

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