@thomas wasn't here for the 1st round. you gotta like the Devonta selection, no?

@jetsmetsclown thrilled! I knew NYG was going to take him if we didn’t get ahead of them. I think he’s going to be the real deal and there’s no better choice to give Hurts the best chance

@jetsmetsclown I saw a video of a Giants fan freaking out when the trade happened. He felt certain Dallas and Philly had conspired just to fuck them over lol

@thomas and then the Giants made (I think) a great trade w/ the Bears! But I didn't like their pick, even though I like Kadarius

@thomas their o-line is not good, and Daniel Jones fumbles like once per game

@jetsmetsclown He just doesn’t seem very good at football, idk. I think their hope was that getting a lot of skill players around him would make it easier, but who knows

@thomas yea, i think he's shown flashes, but i really don't think he's the guy

@thomas and those fumbles don't show up in the QB rating, but they're fucking brutal

@thomas Alex Guerrero's gonna work overtime to give him extra doses of HGH to make sure he doesn't lose his job.

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