Rush Limbaugh said a bunch of extremely racist shit about Donovan McNabb perpetuating the bullshit racist stereotype of the black QB who is athletic but has low “football IQ” i.e. they are too a stupid to play. This actively damaged McNabb’s public perception and his career. I’m glad Rush is dead he was a racist piece of garbage and he’s in hell now

@thomas still can't believe they put him on air to even start and still remember cheering him getting shit canned and hopefully ending any chance of such an out racist talker for a while (I shudder to think of people like Ben Shiparo calling MNF)

@thomas amazing that ESPN in 2003 thought it would be good idea to have this idiot talk about football and nobody would have a problem with it.

@gd525 I fucking hated him so much. He hated McNabb for being great and also black. It was unbelievable how much he went in on him.

@thomas all that OxyContin he took gave him brain damage.

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