Still processing that Dougie P is out. I've decided that I think it was the wrong move and that it should have been Howie Roseman, but what the hell do I know.

@thomas I was reading something that he didn't want to fire the OC before but did it and then demanded his pick for OC and that was the break. Really Roseman shouldn't have forced him to fire the OC if he didn't want to but was right to say no to the hire. I think generally perhaps a clear house, Wentz and Dougie relationship may have been too damaged but Roseman drafting another QB will not help

@Padres the word is that he and Wentz were done with each other. I believe in them both but I know that bringing in Hurts right when Wentz was finally pulling himself out of the shadow of Foles had to be a big blow to his ego.

@thomas yeah, I still think Wentz can pull throw and get the big redemption story. Not sure how you can stick with Dougie then, you have to go with the franchise QB over the coach, this isn't college ball

@Padres that’s what it came down to I imagine. Allegedly he and Lurie disagreed on the plan for the offense. I imagine Doug was ready for the Hurts era to start

@thomas ya, i don't think coaches throw games unless it's coming down from on high

@thomas *maybe* pederson knew he was on the outs earlier in the year, and just took the heat for it? idk it's all weird

@TheComputer there are rumors that there have been issues since 2016 when they wanted to get rid of Reich. Doug went to bat, they kept him, we won the Super Bowl. Then they fired Frank Groh in 2019 when Doug wanted to keep him. This year (allegedly) Doug wanted to promote a bunch of coaches from within, Lurie didn’t, and that was a big breaking point

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