Athletes in PA are required to wear masks *while* they play. NFL teams are not exempt


Apparently the Steelers just declared themselves exempt but turns out nope, lol

@thomas good. I mean we are failing to control this and the NFL has failed. Playing professional sports not in a bubble during the worse stage of a pandemic requires some sacrifice and I don't have sympathy for a league that barely does anything to help and wants to fill stadiums

@Padres I’ll bet it’s gonna end up being those plastic shields Oakley made

@thomas yeah, I'm guessing shields will be most popular. Not that they are very effective for airborne stuff (good if someone sneezes at you)

@thomas Honestly NFL should just shut down for a bit and come back after this gets under control

@thomas We could do what is right or what makes us money....just kidding, MONEY!!!

@Padres I wish they would cancel the season altogether but for purely selfish reasons

@thomas see, the NFC East is one of the few bright spots for me this season. I enjoy seeing three teams I dislike fight to see who is the worse of the worse

@Padres @thomas good save on not saying 'four teams'

the banhammer was creaking

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