I want the Cards to do well for Fitz only

@jetsmetsclown he’s a first ballot hall of famer and I wish he had a ring. He balled out in that Super Bowl

@jetsmetsclown he’s imminently reliable for sure and has miles of heart

@thomas if anyone wants to really know how much the game has changed, i remember Art Monk breaking the receptions record on the Jets in like '97 with 800 something. Fitz has over 1,400 catches

@jetsmetsclown 2nd all time in yards and receptions and 11 pro bowls. Incredible

@thomas yea, i still think Randy in his prime was probably the best, but the longevity of Rice and Fitz is absurd

@jetsmetsclown the kids at my son’s school play a game at aftercare called Moss where one kid throws a ball up and a whole group of kids tries to catch it.

@thomas honestly kinda surprised they knew who Randy Moss is

@jetsmetsclown I’m not sure they do! It’s just the name of the game they play

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