Hey, people getting into the fantasy baseball game if you’re interested in fun baseball stuff, just stories and fun, check out the Internet’s Jon Bois. Here’s one of my favorites about an incredibly unlikely hero

Imagine having to face this guy from the batter’s box. 6’10” of pitching god

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@thomas And once you finish that one, check out the greatest redemption story in baseball, presented via an absolute banger of a sax solo: Lonnie Smith.

@jetsmetsclown they show that in the video in the OP. Around 5 minutes in

@thomas lol, i honestly didn't know he won 5 cy youngs. fucking monster

@jetsmetsclown @thomas someone needs to watch the Mariners doc

(my [barely] subtooting Healyn over the Mariners continues)

@JockJamJen @jetsmetsclown @thomas this mfer out here not even knowing about the Mike Blowers prediction 😂😂😂😂

@jetsmetsclown @JockJamJen @thomas I’ve been told, very recently, on this site, that education would be good if we just told people to watch all the great content on YouTube, and the Mariners doc is incredible content on YouTube

@jetsmetsclown @JockJamJen @thomas listen: my wife said the same thing

watch the first episode and if it doesn’t hook you, fair enough

@nsmckinnon @JockJamJen @thomas can i get a link or do i have to search for this fucking thing and find out Edgar Martinez has some weird link to Epstein (goddamn youtube algorithms)?

@jetsmetsclown @nsmckinnon @JockJamJen there were 2 times when I honest to god had tears well up in my eyes and I do not give a shit about the Mariners

@thomas @jetsmetsclown @JockJamJen and I do, and I wept like a baby more than once

I love teams like the Mariners, it’s why I’m an :ingenieros: fan at heart

(also y’all know the new article is coming tomorrow, right?)

@jetsmetsclown @nsmckinnon @JockJamJen @thomas youtube be like "i see you're interested in baseball history. i bet you'll love these ten videos on the Great Replacement and also joe rogan for some reason"

@Taweret @jetsmetsclown @nsmckinnon @thomas I am the only person who does not have an absolutely cursed YT algorithm, apparently. All I get is music that I like recs lmao

@JockJamJen @Taweret @jetsmetsclown @nsmckinnon @thomas I've been lucky too, mostly music or sailing videos. Of course for anything iffy or political I don't log in

@Padres @JockJamJen @Taweret @jetsmetsclown @thomas I usually just get a full column of unadulterated nerd shit—languages, more Jon Bois, and usually something like “mascots trucking children”

@nsmckinnon @JockJamJen @Taweret @jetsmetsclown @thomas not sure what mascots trucking childern is but love mascots, may need to look into it

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@thomas @Padres @JockJamJen @Taweret @jetsmetsclown I was thinking of the Golden Gopher trucking a kid for a touchdown and then spinning his head around in triumph

you can tell it’s supposed to be funny because my most privileged students got mad about it

@thomas @nsmckinnon @JockJamJen @Taweret @jetsmetsclown One of the best. I also like the hockey one where he scores and hugs a defender who then just punches him.

@Padres @JockJamJen @jetsmetsclown @nsmckinnon @thomas this. if you watch anything with the slightest hints of politics, youtube decides you must want to watch nazis

history vid? here, have some nazis
communism vid? here, have some nazis
video about a superhero movie that a bunch of nazis got mad about? here have some nazis

@jetsmetsclown @nsmckinnon @thomas It was honestly very good though, and also funny, AND the first Jon Bois thing Ive ever watched

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