Fantasy Baseball is math, Fantasy Football is a JRPG

@thomas if the other team is fire type you're going to want to power up your limit break before stealing the ball, then hit them with Blizzara, or even Blizzaga depending on how many of your teammates have died

@Louisa this is literally setting a lineup and them running plays

@robotcarsley @Louisa hell yes. The iPad app is literally the exact rules if you don’t have an opponent for tabletop

@Louisa @robotcarsley me, trucking a human football player with a rat ogre and ripping off one of his limbs with a prehensile tail: “in some ways this is just like animal crossing”

Football injury 

@JohnBrownJr @Louisa @robotcarsley for one thing if someone gets concussed in Blood Bowl they’re immediately out for the game and automatically miss the next one.

@Louisa @thomas as the pandemic wears on those higher tier ice spells really start to pay off

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