Where do we reckon Cam Newton ends up? San Diego? New England?

@thomas He joins Baltimore for some insane plays where he, RG3, and Jackson all line up in the shotgun

@mattamatic every defense collapses before their triple reverse option

@thomas Backfield like shriners in a parade. Every game ends up like one of those jokey SI tapes they used to give you for renewing.

@mattamatic @thomas I would love to see that even if it is just for one game

@thomas I could see :bolts: as they would use some star power for the new stadium

@thomas Supposedly a trade offer was made to the Chargers and they said no. I have no idea where he is going to end up!

@francie Shannon Sharpe was talking about how nobody would trade because they knew the Panthers would have to release him. So why give anything up and take on his deal when you can grab him in free agency and make the deal you want :sharpe_like:

@thomas That's a good point, it's the smarter move.

@thomas Pat McAfee on his podcast was saying the Chargers would make the most sense.

@gd525 agree. Shannon Sharpe said the same as I recall

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