Sports is great because it’s basically people occasionally doing impossible things.


Hitting a fastball effectively requires you to know where the ball is going, judge the speed and where to swing the bat and how to swing it in literally milliseconds. It’s faster than most people’s brains can process that information.

A pro QB can, in seconds, while being chased by giants, judge a route, determine the defense, and throw a ball 60 yards downfield where the receiver *will be* in a few seconds and drop straight into a running receiver’s hands.

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LeBron James is 6’8” weighs 250 pounds and has a 40 inch vertical leap.

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Usain Bolt frequently runs 100 meters in under 10 seconds, reaching a top speed of 27 mph

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@thomas this is the kind of stuff i think of when the "sports is stupid" crowd pipes up

@dirt right? Watch the olympics this summer and you can see Simone Biles do things a human being has literally never done before

@thomas he would (probably?) be one of the all-time great wide receivers and third basemen, he is fucking bonkers

@neoncoughh can you fucking imagine King James at WR? He’d be uncoverable

@thomas god he is FIVE INCHES SHORTER than LeBron

Can you make custom players in NFL video games? It would be sick to make someone with LBJ's stats, body, etc etc

@neoncoughh I haven't played an NFL game since NFL 2K5. You could create custom players and teams in that, so I assume you could make LeBron in Madden as well

@neoncoughh I was just thinking "oh, what about DK Metcalf, people are always talking about how huge he is" Nope. Still 5 inches shorter than Bron

@thomas I know we're on WRs now, but Kris Bryant's height is always commented on and he's THREE INCHES SHORTER than the King!

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