I believe it is possible for the entire NFC East to finish 6-10


:dallas_sucks: - Lose out.
:eagles: Beat Dallas, lose 3
:washington: Beat GB, Dallas, Philly
:ny_giants: Win out

I think Dallas and NYG would both be 4-2 in the division at that point and Dallas would win the NFC East because they swept the Giants this year. If the Eagles lose the division, this is the result I want to see

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49ers fans *seething* as their 13-3 team gets into the playoffs on a wildcard while the 6 win Cowboys get a home game

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@thomas The only reason I don't want this is that I never want Washington football to win again

@mattamatic yes, but also this would be a very funny result. Dallas at 6-10 with a home wildcard game, lmao

@thomas yeah, but Levi Stadium isn't a good stadium.

@Padres I think it’s more about being able to make the other team fly to the coast and getting to use your own practice facility, sleep in your own bed, etc

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