It’s time to accept my role in this disaster

@spud I mean yeah, in the sense that I really made it, lol

@spud it’s me, John Madden, admin of John Madden’s AllPro, “The Sports Instance”

@thomas remember that time you beat the Bills? The Eagles are a good team!

@buffaloser One of the reasons we are cursed to remain playoff eligible. Beat the Bills, then the Bills embarrass the Cowboys in Arlington. Packers did the same, so did the Jets. I hold them all accountable.

@buffaloser Also, I assumed Josh Allen had the flu or something in that game.

@thomas you just won the super bowl stfu with these crocodile tears

@buffaloser it only makes you hungry for more. It's a curse that can never be broken. No number of wins is enough

@thomas *has won something once* winning... its a curse

@thomas imagine feeling bad about sports in a city who has won every major sport championship in the last 40 years gtfo nerd

@buffaloser I will not speak ill of the Buffalo Bills because they defeated a hated rival this year in a spectacularly embarrassing fashion. But I do, I thirst for more.

@buffaloser Also, I would love the Bills to beat the Pats this year and have a shot at the division. I am so tired of the Pats.

@thomas the panthers did me a solid and made sure I knew I could just casually watch

@thomas or more accurately the NFC South did me a solid, we have the same record

@francie @thomas breaking my heart, allowing me to have the game on my phone while I do other things, same thing

@francie I really like it as well, lol. There's a whole generator page that lets you put whatever text you want into a bunch of old video games

@thomas yasss, thank you. know that I will annoy my brothers by dunking on the cowboys endlessly with these.

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