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Through the first 3 weeks:

• 67% comp.
• 916 passing yards
• 167 rushing yards
• 106.5 passer rating
• 12 throws of 20+ yards
• 7 total TDs (4 passing), 1 INT

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Jalen Hurts is the first QB in NFL history with 900+ passing yards and 150+ rushing yards in first 3 games of a season

Eagles Twitter goes from unbridled elation to fury based on a safety

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Had to run a quick errand so I’m listening to the game. It’s the Washington broadcast and it’s very sad

BG!!! First drive of the 2nd quarter, Wentz sack fumble as normal

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The Eagles sacked Wentz 4 times in the first *quarter* Is that good?

Wentz is going to get booed before he takes his first snap in his new home stadium LMAO

Personally I think this jersey absolutely fucking rips but maybe that’s just me

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Here’s the special grizz night jersey. The number on the back is 12, of course

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