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The XFL Draft is going on now and the NY Guardians picked three WR’s with their first three picks.

I don’t know what Kevin Gilbride is thinking.

The Tampa Bay Vipers literally have two kids announce their draft picks.

This is everything I could ask for!

Me when an ESPN article says I need ESPN+ to read it: ‘Oh well’ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What is on ESPN+ other than Chris Berman and articles I don't want to read?

“Snacks” Harrison is a Lions player’s name

Nats and Cards starting. I just hope both teams have a fun time

Here's a take: if the Patriots were an NFC team they wouldn't be as impressive

Love to just hand out bulletin board material :dallas_sucks:

Doug Pederson went on the radio and guaranteed a win against Dallas, lmao we're fucked

Hey welcome @mattamatic to AllPro! I promise I didn’t consider rejecting his application for Philly hate... (Go Birds)

I want to say something clever about why im called a triangle but all the sports I care about look awfully like shuffleboard

Hey @triangle has joined up at AllPro! Welcome!

I don't remember what the application said, so I'm gonna guess hockey and baseball? You're all hockey and baseball people for whatever reason.

This is how the NFC East champion will be determined: who had the shortest losing streak.

I will not be fielding questions about the Philadelphia Eagles; however, anyone that wants to talk about the 3 game losing streak of the Dallas Cowboys is welcome to do so.

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