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Watched the end of England/Scotland and nobody scored??? Is this allowed???

I don't follow soccer who should I be rooting for here?

I've got a small wager with a buddy about who is gonna win the NL East, a division that apparently nobody wants to win

Deportista with the 90 mph screwball, come on, lfg

Tomorrow we release the slides for the first eight special prospects in :lnp: history.

They'll enter service this offseason, in the most chaotic environment the league has ever seen: trades, new leagues, and increasing aggression from the US team owners.

Wish I had taken the time to come up with a better name for my dude now

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There's a deciding game in the Campeonato Nacional Puertorriqueño, and you're missing it.

Come hang out!

This was his first game as an Eagle so I'm sure you can appreciate how loudly he is being booed lmao

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Does Ricky Watters deserve to be in the hall of fame and is he being left out because of off the field stuff specifically the "for who? for what?" incident? Yes and yes.

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