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Biggest Conspiracies In Sports?!

Live in five!

Another week, another . . . well . . . look, Dro hopes some more top free agents sign or things are going to start looking grim. Join him, won't you?

live at 6:15 PM EDT

The position player bot whips lol. Any time I see it I grin

The votes for the final round of the are in—and boy, there were a lot of them! 73 of you voted for your favorite mascot!

By a score of 41-32, the winner of Mascot Bowl I is . . . .

¡Citrombo the Acidic!

As winner of Mascot Bowl I, Citrombo :citricos: will get its very own shirt and individual sticker in the Tiendita de la LNP:

Llantuvia gets its own sticker, too, plus autoentry into Mascot Bowl II. Thanks to everyone for voting!

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45 minutes left! Vote Citrombo for a cute little orange mascot to take it all! Don’t be sad, be happy! Vote Citrombo today

Our editorial board got together and talked about a new topic: who's going to throw a no-hitter in 1888?

Some of the answers might surprise you . . . but if you follow :lnp: pitching at all, two of them absolutely won't.

Available to all at:

Either Kyle Busch's photographer or a NASCAR photographer, I'm not sure which, got this shot of the pit crew at Kansas last weekend and honestly I'm in awe of it, it's a perfect photograph

AllPro has the best emojos and I’ll go toe to toe against any instance that says otherwise

Weddle 61 - 3/8

And now, at long last, it's time.

Decide a winner for the !

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Congrats to the US Women Soccer team who are finally getting close to what they deserve

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There’s Always Next Year's choices:


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