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Memphis is one of the most fun teams to watch in college football.

Say what you will about Mason Rudolph, I still don’t think he should have made a sinister back room deal with the dean to get our fun-loving, hard-partying heroes kicked off campus.

Holy shit, Miles Garrett, what the fuck are you doing.

Wow, didn’t know it would take all that, but I guess that’s what separates the champions

Mr. Met

:mr_met2: /
/▌This is Mr Met
/ \

You don't have to copy and paste him or anything, I just like his baseball head.

There are plenty of teams that could use a veteran QB. :bengals: come to mind immediately, but even teams like the Jets or Buffalo that have their “future QB” sorted could benefit from having him on the roster.

Is the Kaep thing a stunt or is he about to be back in the league?

:sumo_eat: there were only a couple of this lil sumo to make, so here he is enjoying some noodles

That's not a dig, it's just a medical fact

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