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all love and support to Simone Biles

she doesn't owe anybody anything

Allegedly Kelvin Benjamin got caught stealing food from the Giants facility, had a heated argument with the GM and coach and then stormed off the field and they released him.

I am here to celebrate the triathlon commentators having to come up with something unique to say about the 20 foot gundam statue the bike route passes for all eight laps

NBC cut to Tony Hawk and immediately started playing ska

An Algerian judo competitor withdrew from the Olympics rather than face an Israeli opponent due to his political support of Palestine🇵🇸

When the flame was borne into the stadium, I loudly whispered, "that's Flamie" and got a laugh

I watched an Iranian guy make a solid comeback against a Hungarian

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Watched a few minutes of fencing. It happens so fast that half the time I don’t even know who scored so I’m just happy to watch

some extremely good primal screams going on on the fencing stream right now

I’ll be rooting for Vanuatu 🇻🇺 in Judo, Rowing, and Table Tennis. They’ve never won a medal!

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Anyone else have some cool countries or athletes they like?

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Okay, one of the folks I’ll be rooting for, Abouke Ng, the sole representative from Nauru 🇳🇷. She’ll be competing Sunday!

Vikings Asst. Coach refused the vaccine so they fired him lmao

My buddy DC is from Cleveland and does not like the new name or logo, lol

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