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This is an anti-Bucky Badger account.

I want that on record.

Saw the picture of Tom Brady doing a work out and..

Did he move to Tampa Bay just so he can wear shirts and stuff that just have “TB” on them, because they’re the initials of both him and the town?

Apparently Goodell said he “should have listened to black players earlier” and now supports their efforts to protest peacefully.

Ya know, four friggen years ago in 2016.

And I’m somehow guessing now that he’s said that there isn’t a rush to sign Kap to a team.

The Rising Stars game for the NBA All Star games is on tv and has got me feeling like a pervy old lady.

Here I am thinking Luka Doncic is looking real cute...then I realize he’s only 20 and shut that thought train down.

If Green Bay wins their game I’m gonna start the conspiracy theory that the games were rigged by State Farm, as their commercials all season have featured Rodgers and Mahomes.

Also as a note on this. When I signed up for the list it was 2007.

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I’m close enough to the top of the Cubs Season Ticket Waiting list I get emails about buying them.

Cheap seats are $3k a person.

Going to make a bold prediction for this football game here.

The Tigers are going to win this.

So... don’t like to jump on the conspiracy theory train that says all major sporting events are rigged...

But what was that call in this Bills-Texans game?

Another reason to dislike Wisconsin...

Being a bootlicking band who decides to play themes of armed forces during the Rose Bowl.

Today a students turned in a short write up about how awful Cubs fan as are as people and I'm like....

Trying not to write a petty ass response about the Brewers to get a dig in.

Petition that we stop having live national anthem performances and just play Whitney Houston’s version instead.

This is an anti-Bucky Badger account.

I want that on record.


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