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anyway it was my first full season following an nfl team and i've still only learnt the names of two ravens players and approximately zero rules

have yet to watch a single hockey game bc i cannot find a single sharks stream on any of my usual sites so guess i'll perish

also you're all gonna get colds and give each other germs when there's a pandemic on what a terrible idea imo

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genuinely how do they stop the ball from being slippery af

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just watched :ravens: vs :pats: and nah at playing sports in that weather

jimmy uso is the hottest member of the entire wrestling family send toot

i have now watched 6 :ravens: games and haven't learnt a single rule or a single person's name but i do love their purple uniforms so maybe that's okay

ed is trying to teach me the rules of football via text and look babe i got through five seasons of friday night lights without learning a single thing about football i can get through one game if i want to

okay so three teams have been suggested and since i don't have any regional loyalty or really care about winning i am currently basing my choice off who has the nicest uniforms / kits

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should i get into football (not the uk one) whilst there's none of my other sports doing owt, who are fun teams to watch

i don't really have any sports to talk about atm none sports for vee

thads i deleted my godforsaken account and not sure i love so i need a new main, what are the good instances, ideally not rife with beef

been paying very little attention to sports whilst ed has been here apart from the tour de france which ed loves and i don't care about at all, have i missed any good nonsense in :nba: or :nhl:

i know mauro is divisive but i adore him and his weird references

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now wade barratt is one of the nxt commentators i might stop watching it. he's from preston and so am i and i don't care for him

i honestly don't care who wins the stanley cup this year, but i don't care for vegas so maybe not them

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don't reckon the bucks are going through so it's :raptors: or :clippers: for me maybe

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just watched yesterday's race bc i never watch owt live and literally screeched what the fuuuck at the end

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I know we're not really motorsports people here but this season of motogp has been incredible telly so far lads and thads

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