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idk if ppl do intros on allpro but i am here for hockey :sj_sharks: and basketball :hornets: and motogp 🏍️ and sometimes wrestling (mostly nxt) and to have a very nice sports time

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i was going to post smugly that all my sports teams were having pretty good starts to the season earlier but i just watched :ravens: today and well that'll teach me

what a clown, hopefully we'll have a lovely time without him if game 1 was owt to go by tho

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the only other time i come across yards this much is in knitting

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i know in my brain that a yard is just a little bit less than a metre but when i watch football and they say things like 25 yards i am also like wow 25 yards, what a mystery distance i couldn't possibly know how far that is

jets vs sharks 

considering how shite it was looking for us at the start of the second period i was extremely thrilled with that win well done my big fish sons

i pay no attention to sports in the off season so had absolutely no idea about any of the evander kane stuff and wow wot the fuck

anyway my sports are coming back so maybe i'll use this more but the day after games bc uk so i'm a little boy having a little sleep when most games are on

I've been paying straight up zero attention to the pre season games of both :nhl: and :nba: who is looking fun who is looking shabby give us the score my friends

no that's a lie motogp is my 2nd fave but it feels separate to american sports

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i only got into nfl last year bc i was struggling to stream :sj_sharks: games and it might have overtaken 🏀 for my #2 sport

ravens vs colts 

catching up on last night and did an actual shriek when we tied with like 30 seconds to go what a lovely time for sports

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ravens vs lions 

caught up on the game today and it was fully "longest yeah boy ever" in the last few seconds what a wonderful kick

ravens vs raiders 

so i did actually slow it back down when it went into overtime and that was a very exciting 10 minutes wasn't it, even if my large bird sons didn't win

i'm aware this won't help me learn the rules of nfl but be reet :nfl:

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i can't watch three hours of anything nvm three hours of men running about

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will i be banned from all pro if i admit that i watch most sports on at least 1.5x speed

rikishis dance is so good and either jr or jerry lawler was rude about his butt, nobody wants to see your butts jr and jl

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swerved the super bowl and am instead watching the royal rumble from 2000

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