reviving this account for a sec to say rip colby cave. he used to be in the bruins system and i saw him play in providence a lot over a couple of seasons. sucks.

apologies for not being active on allpro but the bruins are playing like shit lately so i have little to report

it's wild that Tuukka Rask carried 18 adult men on his back last night wow

patrice bergeron isn't playing tonight aka everything hurts and i'm dying

Ah yes, a normal Bruins/habs game, the refs absolutely slandering the bruins

David pastrnak hat trick, setting my intention and releasing it into the universe

If the Bruins lose im gonna get bullied by my best friend for the rest of the season boys pls do me a solid

if rask wins his 500th start it will be beautiful but the fact that it's against the leafs will make it so much better

i enjoy watching both the stros and the nats so i will be happy with whoever wins! but if houston wins i will be particularly jazzed to make fun of the yankees more

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literally have no opinions on this year's world series bc my only emotional investment was in making sure the yankees fucking lost

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