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as a knights fan I'll be the first to admit that knights fans are cringe as hell

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henderson: actually it's the silver knights
me: shut up henderson horsies

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I am forced to assume go horsies means all the horse based sports teams like the colts, the broncos, the henderson horsies

see it's funny bc I never cared about football, then I married a :49ers: fan, then I called my southern california family out for racism, they unfriended me, and now they never get to see that I post about :49ers: now.

their loss

first professional sports team to bring las vegas the W for a championship baybee

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I'm forced to assume go birds includes every bird based sports team like the blackhawks and the blue jays and the penguins

i generally don't like being on social media on a day like today, but this person who posted the NFL on Fox injury commercial music had me cackling

my husband, already pulling up netflix: you've NEVER seen the replacements??
me: is it a comedy?
him: ....yeah sure
me: ok I don't want to watch a football movie if it's not at least funny

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