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as a knights fan I'll be the first to admit that knights fans are cringe as hell

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playing volleyball with a bowling ball because I'm not a coward

stole this meme from my brother who probably got it from reddit or something

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blackhawks more like terrible shitty asshole hawks

stone and patchy are both out so I'm mentally preparing to lose the next 20 games in a row

my husband doesn't want to go out for our anniversary today because there's a football game on later

some youtuber my husband is watching: league of legends is based on american football
me: really?
my husband: yeah, the format is
me: is that why I don't fucking understand it?

oh you wanna criticize olympians? why don't u go olympick up some chicks nerd

I'm hearing fleury is getting traded to the blackhawks I I just want foley and mccrimmon to know that I have a gun

well, that sucks. the habs earned it though, they played their asses off

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