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Looking forward to showing sports articles to students as examples of good writing if I have a class of jocks.

The hornets are down by 14 at half time >.< Why can we not be good at basket ball

Sucked into sports wacky moments YouTube videos

Rounding third//
and headed for home//
ANYONE could understand//
the way I feel~ :possum:

"horny, offence. 10 yard penalty, repeat 3rd down."

I love baseball, and also hockey. Rugby? Love that shit too. I guess you could say I'm sports girl

they were watching one of like 6 superhero shows, and I told them we should watch space jam, and they wanted convincing

I told my roommate that michael jordan is a superhero of basketball and fucking women and I think that's the closest they've ever been to liking sports

This man's name is "Dexter McCluster" and I love that for him! That's such a sicknasty name, dude!

I'm sorry, is there a football player who is named "dexter mclester??????????" That's fucking rad.

Would like to point this shit out. Take fuckijng warning bitches. Hurricane season all year, fuckers, hooooooboy!

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