I became an Astros fan when I started dating a woman from Houston. That was 2011.

I was an Astros fan when the GIF Oracle showed “Damn it, Astros” GIFs.

I was an Astros fan when they lost 111 games.

The moment they got good, consistently, I was a bandwagon fan, and now, according to Yankees and Dodgers fans, I’m supposed to give up all that and shit on my team because they cheated, unlike, apparently, every other team against whom there’s extensive and credible allegations.

Fuck that.

The response from other fan bases is that if the title had been stripped, players punished, or if Astros fans would have some kind of contrition, it would all blow over.

1) If you strip the title, get ready for the Astros publicly snitching on other teams instead of keeping it quiet.

2) You can’t punish the players per the CBA, and Manfred wants to save his ammo for that fight after this season.

3) Kind of hard to be contrite when people could just make shit up about the Astros all day long.

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I don’t know a single Astros fan who doesn’t admit that they cheated their way to a World Series.

What they do say is that there’s no way in hell they were the only team relaying signs in real time, no matter what Bellinger or Stanton say.

What they say is that there were no fucking buzzers, a thing that multiple players, MLB authenticators, people who work with electronics, and Harold Reynolds (¿¿!!) have all confirmed.

And like me, they’re all very tired of being asked to do penance.

@nsmckinnon anyone who expects me to apologize for rooting for my home team can eat my farts tbh

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