I want y'all to know that the :astros: are 4-0 when my wife does yoga during the game.

Today she got on the mat right after that d'Arnaud homer and left in the bottom of the eighth. 'Nuff said.

Urquidy and Javier making a strong case for the greatest pitching tandem in :astros: WS history.

It looks like that big jump on Fried is all they're going to get. Shades of Strasburg/Scherzer, except this time they got more off him.

I almost feel like if Snitker leaves him in he'll only get more effective, he's been whiffed at more with each passing inning.

José Urquidy has now officially halved his postseason ERA.

Urquidy doing some big dick pitching in the World Series again? We do, in fact, love to see it.

like eight guys have turned down the offer to be GM of the mets. it’s time to hire healyn

Well, the :vejigantes: aren't going to make it easy.

They rocked the :brujos: to force a Game 5, in which Thomas "Depo" Deportista gets to make his first postseason start.

Join us for it, won't you?

first pitch 8:05 PM EDT


You wonder if Manfred waited to find out who was taking the mound for the :astros: before he decided to open the roof.

Urquidy has a 60% FB rate, Fried has like a 25% one, it’s currently dry out, and they’ve played the entire postseason with a closed roof. This is about as close as a commissioner can get to putting a fix in.

Other than Texas, the two states cheering for the Astros are Louisiana and Delaware, so here’s hoping Atlanta falters in @Louisa’s withering glare.

selfie, ec 

Yesterday sucked so bad Game 1 was about the fifth worst thing that happened, so it was pretty easy to take.

But today’s been a good day, so I’d really appreciate it if the :astros: could not fuck this up for me.

man I didn’t want Charlie Morton to break his fibula

today sucks

The only two :braves: fans I know are:

1) my best friend from childhood, who now works for Pim fucking Tool, the absolute most incurious man on the Internet, so we don't really speak anymore;

2) a kid who got kicked out of my workplace for being too big of an asshole for a private school, if you can believe it

So, you know, at least I'm not going to get into a whole lot of arguments this week.

for the record, I knew tonight was going to go badly

Gotta say, given how the rest of the day has gone, I have very, very low expectations for the :astros: facing Charlie Morton.

I think my favorite moment of the 2020 :astros: season was when a :dodgers: homer columnist called Correa the Clown Prince of Baseball

bro it’s 2020, we’re *all* the Joker now

A big part of my love for this era of the :astros:—especially the Osuna-less editions—is that they’ve got two of the best 🇵🇷 players of their generation leading them.

I hope Crane ponies up enough to get Correa to stay, because I can’t tell you how much it meant to see a generational talent who’s one of my people and who grew up where my brother preaches get drafted and turned into a weapon and a half by the team I had adopted.

fuck the—and I cannot stress this enough—Dodgers

Imagine going up against 2018 MVP Mookie Betts, tunneling him three fastballs in exactly the “please sir hit a dinger” zone, and getting him OUT. Ridiculous.

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Goddamn, Tyler Matzek with the big dick pitching. Take a bow, Bullpen Guy.

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