Correa must’ve told the reporter if he saw Suzuki in the MAGA hat it’d be on sight.

“Suzuki responded:
Honestly, I'm too old to get in the middle. I really don't associate myself with this kind of stuff. I just kind of go about my business and try to stay out of everything and get ready to play baseball. That's what it's about: playing baseball.

Suzuki walked that back awfully quickly.”

Manfred cut a very stupid deal here to let the Astros take the heat for the Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, Brewers, Cubs, Nats, Diamondbacks, Rangers, and Cleveland, all of whom have been linked to electronic sign stealing, and fans of those other teams, and players on them, still cannot keep their traps shut when their least favorite team is taking the fall for them. I knew baseball fans could be irrational, but this is bordering on absurd.

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If you think Rob Manfred is protecting his “precious Astros,” please type all your future posts entirely out of the 🤡 emoji so we can give you the wide berth you deserve.

Pitchers threatening intentional beanballs against Astros hitters are pieces of shit, tbh

I want Correa's "if you don't know the facts, then you gotta shut the [bleep] up" as a sound clip on my phone for the next time one of my students tries to tell me literally anything about politics.

Kenley Jansen admitting the entire league was juiced up? I respect it because:

1. he finally said what we all knew,
2. players pointed fingers and got mad about championships stolen then, too, while the entirety of the league was on the juice,
3. so I expect to hear soon enough how the Dodgers, who are infamously sign thieves around the league, are covering their butts

I just saw a Dodgers fan say Cody Bellinger would wipe the floor with Carlos Correa, which is the stupidest thing I’ve heard all week not said by a person named Cody Bellinger.

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tfw you call admin "dad" by mistake and everyone in the instance laughs at you

Cody Bellinger is about to learn rule number one: do not fuck with Puerto Ricans.

San Juan Bad Bunnies: 2034 NLDS champions

Saw my first tweet implying the problem with the :astros: cheating was Puerto Ricans and I have the following to say:

Bring. Me. Rob. Manfred. I. Just. Want. To. Talk.

The Gaceteros didn't get to write at all during the week, but have no fear—we've been tabulating a lot of numbers and reticulating all the necessary splines, and you'll get your :lnp: news as soon as we can put together the actual article.

Also, if I know anything about MAGA chuds, and I do because I teach them almost exclusively, Suzuki going off as good as confirmed that the Nats are doing some form of this, a thing that was known before the 2019 playoffs.

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And Kurt Suzuki, as a noted MAGA chud, can keep his mouth shut essentially forever. He, Strasburg, Zimmerman and Rendon can all go fuck themselves.

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Cody Bellinger should probably keep his mouth shut before someone realizes the speed at which he got better at hitting is downright, uh, Astros-esque, and I learned that from a Dodgers fan

whatever you think about the current controversies, I think we can all agree on one thing:

Manfred sucks.

As baseball ramps back up, let us not forget :tragedy:

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