I know all the reasons this wasn’t an option, but it sure seems like they should’ve gone on strike!

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So apparently McCullers pitched yesterday despite being so sick he needed IVs after the game, and when he was asked afterwards, he said specifically that the Astros didn’t want to play (“think it would’ve been the smartest thing not to be there”) but were overruled.

What we've learned today is that not only does OOTP 21 ensure there's always a Juan Soto playing baseball, but judging by these portraits, it's the same Juan Soto.

(H/T to friend of the league Cam for letting us use the real Juan Soto's picture from his league.)

baseball, COVID, Noah is getting real bitter about you fuckers 

so half the :astros: lineup, including Álvarez, Altuve, Bregman and Machete, have COVID, which is interesting because they play baseball, an activity you do outside, and I've been told outside transmission is impossible

my favorite part of all of Manfred’s terrible rules changes is that they have to do them for half of the season because fucking with the baseball every year means you can’t measure the effect of the rules changes in isolation from season to season

So, the bad news is my great-uncle Pepito died recently, just shy of 100.

The worse news is I found out via his eulogy that he was a :stl_cards: fan.

The best moment of last night is obviously the Musgrove no-no against the Arlington Ramgers, but the second best moment is Bryce Harper owning a heckler into oblivion by pointing out that it’s pronounced “Acuña”

lmao @ all the :dodgers: fans finding out Joe Musgrove was on the 2017 :astros: and getting all "well, now I'm not happy for him" because he said "fuck the Dodgers" on a video clip

you weren't happy for him in the first place, you were pretending because everyone else was

smug-ass Yankees West fanbase

former :astros: legend Joe Musgrove just became :padres2: legend Joe Musgrove

threw the first no-no in the team's history

has *anyone* seen @Padres

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weird how I’m hearing that baseball players may try to gain unfair advantages over each other, and that such a thing is very common, just a year after I was told only a team full of reprobates would try such a thing

Some of you will remember that, at the beginning of this year, a kid got on my case about the :astros: sign-stealing, and I told him that all he was doing was outing himself as a cheater, like every other kid who ever gets on me about it.

Guess who got caught using Google Translate to do way, way more work than was necessary on a quiz today?

Apparently MLB is testing several of Trevor Bauer’s balls from his last start, so I cannot *wait* to hear this one

[ :reyes: give up another seven runs, four of them in the eighth, and are now down 13-6 to the :tainos:]

Ah, yes, now I know my place in the world.

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[ :reyes: up 4-1 in the 5th] nervous, not making eye contact

[ :reyes: give up four runs and the :tainos: take the lead] ahhh, that's better, now I can relax

Seems like the :cinci_reds: are real happy Bauer’s gone, huh.

Underrated part of the Nelson Cruz grand slam is that it was a bad thing happening to José Ureña.


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