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shaking off your catcher to throw a fastball at a red-hot hitter in an elimination game is the most Cuban Jesuit school graduate shit I have ever heard in my life, and “Cuban Jesuit school graduate” describes half my family

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Discussing what a huge dipshit Lance McCullers Jr. is and I think I may have found the issue:

MLBPA launching a Curt Flood Award, you love to see it

lol I almost spelled it “everyone laid to write about baseball”

now there’s a reward system

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The thing about a scandal is that the fans of the team involved are naturally disqualified from being unbiased sources—but in the :astros: case, unlike with the :pats:, they’re also the only ones who know every single last detail of it.

I think that aspect would’ve been different if :mlb: had gone on a general expedition instead of just jacking up one team as a sacrificial lamb—but they didn’t, and now we’ve all got more facts about this than, apparently, everyone paid to write about baseball.

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Pretty fun to see people—Jomboy, Ratto, Jen Mac Ramos—trying mightily to separate Dusty from the team he manages.

No one made him come out of retirement for this job. No one made him go hug half his players and give them the game balls. No one made him praise them publicly.

If he’s such a great manager and he wanted this job, maybe the team isn’t a bunch of chuds, but what do I know? I only fucking listened to him.

Luhnow is giving a bombshell interview tomorrow, and though I think he isn’t going to say much that the players didn’t already admit to, the way he’ll say it, this offseason is going to suck just as hard as the previous one.

I’ve always assumed Crane was semi-pushed into firing him and Hinch so other teams could get them, but I wonder if Luhnow found his prospects were pretty dry since his end of the FO was knee-deep in the sign-stealing shit, and we all know new laundry will bring forgiveness.

Congratulations to the :dodgers:, in whom, judging from what I’m hearing, no one believed.

I’m sure this plucky group of guys are going to bring so many new fans to their unknown team.

Man, I’m old enough to remember when a guy colliding with the catcher was “targeting” and “suspension-worthy” instead of just good old-fashioned aggressive baserunning.

Couldn’t have anything to do with the team Jake Marisnick was on then, right? No way.

the only :tb_rays: fan I've ever met was a kid I knew in the late aughts who moved to the midwest from St. Pete who drank those dirt-tasting green naked juices and thought his sparkly skull ass ed hardy jeans made him look cool.

I don’t think that was an extremely conscious decision, but OTOH, I don’t think Kalaf has written any other baseball articles for them.

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Also, don’t think I didn’t notice that Defector had a nonwhite person to call a team full of brown guys unremorseful and smug. I guess if you can’t have 2000s Bill Plaschke do it, have liberalism lay down the cover fire for you.

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And right on cue, the ONE sports media site that you’d think would know this was always bullshit, the site that professes to be smarter and less taken in than everyone else in the biz, turns out to write the same hog shit because it’s what hogs want to hear.

Color me surprised.

Lot of people seem to have forgotten what team Charlie Morton was on in 2017.

Congrats to the :tb_rays:—I said this wasn't going to be easy, and I was right.

That team rules, and I can't wait to see someone else, whoever it is, have to put up with Wendle and Kiermaier catching xBA-.800 lineouts.

okay, fuck it

I didn't watch any of the games they won

I'm gonna go play Super Mega Baseball 3 for a while

You can't fool me into thinking Jessie Coffield isn't a "Stanford" clone of Kristen Bell by only showing her for a few frames at a time

[rubbing my eyes]

Did Alex Bregman just get on base by using his bat?

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