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Also, remember that one of the other topics on that Tyler Bauer podcast episode where he had Clevinger and Jomboy on discussed “Clev’s leadership role in the clubhouse.”

Turns out his leadership role is in getting his teammates to act like morons?

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Zach Plesac is apparently pretty mad that he got called out for . . . breaking MLB’s rules and put himself and his colleagues at risk?

Yeah, somehow I’m not shocked this is a friend of Mike Clevinger’s.

MLB The Show 20 goes lewd 

Matt Vasgersian, discussing yours truly at the plate:

“He can go hard or soft, he can go in and out . . .”

Student Athletes = Drafted soldiers during the epic world spanning war where millions upon millions were killed, injured or left with nothing but rags. No sport is worth that. Also pretty sure those kids storming the beach got pay and health care plus soon there after lots of government aid. So, shut the fuck up Holtz and fuck off. I never want to see you again.

Fellow mollydookers, portsiders, mains gauches, sinister southpaws:

Happy International Left-Handers Day! 👍🏼

I can’t believe the :astros: won that game entirely because Brooks Raley didn’t know that Dusty giving you a fist bump means you’re done for the night.

The last time Greinke started he signed to the pitcher and everyone said “well, he’s not telling you what he’s throwing, so it doesn’t prove anything!”

So of course he went out there tonight and told them what he would throw. And still got them out.

Greinke is a treasure.

Greinke finally lost his patience on the idiot umpire before getting pulled.

Given it’s Greinke, all he said was “you can’t keep missing those,” but still.

I see we’re well on our way to wasting another incredible Greinke start.

And let’s not talk about Martín Maldonado, Michael Brantley, and Yordan Álvarez taking shit when they weren’t on the 2017 Astros, while Marwin González and Jake Marisnick, who were and used the system plenty, get cheers because you can apparently wash away your sins with the laundry.

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Bregman’s a punk, has taken an appropriate level of shit, and owned up to it, but no one will ever let him off.

Capitán Correa somehow put the team on his back, took shit head-on, and didn’t injure himself.

No one is going after Springer, even though he was a beneficiary of sign stealing, because he’s probably leaving after this season.

Meanwhile, Altuve, who can be confirmed multiple ways to have not benefited, takes more hate than all the others combined because he’s just good at his job.

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The glee Brendan “All (Non-Astros) Lives Matter” Donley and his ilk take in hating Altuve, when all the data says he didn’t use the trashcan, when he’s the humblest guy on his team, when he lit up the field since he was on a 100-loss team, proved two things to me:

- most baseball fans are hogs;
- Altuve’s a really good player that opposing pitchers haven’t been able to figure out forever, and that’s what pisses other people off.

Well, at least when Lancel comes apart at the seams because of his own hubris this time, it’ll be in a new and exciting way!

Stroman is opting out, which means we are about to get some absolutely god tier Posting

a short king, sitting at home and with enough money to not have to worry? That’s serious energy, it’ll need letting out

love to see people who won’t shut the fuck up about flouting rules at their workplace and how you should never snitch if your colleagues are doing something bad playing the role of the bully for a bunch of players that basically agreed to eat shit so the entire league wouldn’t have to

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saw someone do a Stokely Carmichael riff against the :astros: on the hellsite, which is pretty great to see in the same season the team had to apologize to other teams for doing something they knew those other teams were also doing

if you want to talk about who has “no conscience,” it isn’t the team that has taken shit for months from fans proud to get Gerrit Cole or Dallas Keuchel or Charlie Morton or Ramón Laureano or Marwin González or Jake Marisnick or Max Stassi or Tony Kemp or Will Harris

I'm currently thinking about how absurdly East Coast centric the Sunday Night Baseball lineup is, and how baseball executives keep pretending to be confused by why nobody outside baseball has ever heard of Mike Trout or Nolan Arenado or Eloy Jiminez

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