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The Hall of Really Very Good but Also in the Same Division as the Yankees

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Oh nice, Kara Lawson is the women’s 3v3 coach. Makes sense, she was always good at street ball.

“The Nelson court is the last venue for a sport that may have descended from a version brought to the British Isles by the Romans some 2,000 years ago.”

field hockey gbr v ind 

I don't know why because this isn't an english language broadcast, but the camera is zooming in on a junebug crawling on one of the coaches who seems oblivious

Olympics, knitting

Gay British Olympic diver &Instagram fibercraftsm'n knits a Union Jack cover to keep his first gold medal from getting scratched

This was going around some chats I’m in and I figured I’d try it on y’all.

You get to go back in time, at any point, and watch one baseball game. Where are you going? Who’s playing?

the Olympics is the only time women athletes get the same kind of attention and respect men athletes get all the time


The divers are amazing, yeah, but the judges are really excelling.

Caps signed Ovechkin for another five years. Woo

west coast games should be earlier unless its two west coast teams playing each other

Ooh, beinsports is actually available in the us after all. Woops.

Amateur diving 

Still kinda cracking up at the evil eye a kid was giving to the one dive judge who gave him crap scores at the weekend meet. Never seen that level headed kid get angry before.

Tragic news: this is the first olympics without top hats in the equestrian uniforms (true)

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When they dive, they’re burying their faces in the sand. 8)

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Beach futbol looks exhausting and exciting. I love that the ref is barefoot too

Guardians sounds a lot cooler if its pronounced phonetically (Goo-arrrrrdians)

Tired: never meet your heroes
Wired: never follow your heroes on social media

I wonder if nbc knows about wrestling being at the olympics at all.

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