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The Hall of Really Very Good but Also in the Same Division as the Yankees

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Feeling pretty out of touch cause I had to look up whether that ugly logo was the chargers or the rams.

I hate the fucking Flyers so much, but they remind me of when the Pens were good, just minus the superstars

On a Wizards note, the Wiz are still the Wizars (no D) but hope remains!

Oh, sumo started two days ago and I didn't realize it. Half the field is out but they needed the money too much to cancel. Stands are decidedly non-empty.

Not sure why, but I have met quite a few pro cheerleaders (hockey mostly, few in the nfl) in non-sports contexts and they all have been super nice and amazing athletes. Don't know how you would ever find time to train while working two jobs, but they do and they rock at it.

Anybody out here watching the gold medal #hockey game for the #WorldJuniors? Nobody? Canada vs USA for the🥇coming up.

@thomas the first YouTube racing that I watched was Super GT, which is the top flight Japanese GT series; the cars are the most powerful road-car-based GT cars in the world. is a good introductory video to the series, and is a full playlist with all the live broadcasts from this year. the production values of the English broadcast are low, but the commentators do know their stuff and are excited about what they're watching; just not very polished.

The Wiz have momentum. A teensy bit, but still momentum. This is going to be good!

I am utterly shocked to learn St Norbert College actually has sports

If you weren't watching last night's :lnp: games, you missed one of the most exciting nights of baseball we've had the fortune to broadcast—and we got to do it with @Louisa and @mattamatic in the booth!

First, the :guardacostas: came to Maunabo to take on the :jueyeros:.

Did it go well for them? No. Enjoy:

pike's peak runs are absolutely terrifying to watch it's incredible

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