Holtby sure can be frustrating at times. And in a contract year too.

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if mlb actually cared about sign stealing they would give the pitcher an earpiece, because it would solve the problem instantly

they haven't, therefore they don't actually care, therefore they need to stop pretending to care with all this performative outrage

Just read a columnist comparing sign stealing to pitchers using pine tar and sandpaper on the ball. So I think he was saying that everyone should do it?

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Ovi's getting some form of a record every other game this season. Other than the all-time goals chase, I wish they'd just ignore it.

Moderately effective anyways, but that doesn't fit the Pokemon schtick

Enho uses Head Game!
It's super effective!

"Ok, Zim. You've never played hockey in your life so we're going to put you in goal against Ovi. Good luck"


I want a video game that is just the sumo salt toss

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Remember when the Caps beat the VGK to win the cup? That was grand

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@dirt right? Watch the olympics this summer and you can see Simone Biles do things a human being has literally never done before

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Sports is great because it’s basically people occasionally doing impossible things.

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It's really something how adding something like 30 seconds to each commercial break causes the game to go from taking about 3 hours to 4 hours or more.

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@mattamatic this is the official opinion of AllPro.Social "The Sports Instance". College athletes should be paid

Sure would be groovy if college athletes got paid part of the money they vacuumed up for their schools.

Somehow drafting on the beltway when the group velocity is 5mph never helps me win my commute.

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Mahomes is going to be the greatest QB of all time. Dude just never gets shook

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