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The Hall of Really Very Good but Also in the Same Division as the Yankees

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No IPL for a while so I guess it's Hampshire v Somerset today. They look so very cold despite the fancy sweaters

Nats might want to rethink their league leading intentional walk rate.

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Dragon Hoops by Gene Leun Yang is nonfiction about high school hoops at the elite catholic school where he worked. Comes from a guy who never really liked sports growing up and it’s nice to see him come around to being a big fan. The actual bball parts were really interesting and exciting but the flat parts when he talked about himself felt like a bland diary comic got mixed in. A not entirely unsuccessful subject matter stretch for him. Worth going to the library for.

Good for Ynoa for his grand slam. Now don't let it happen again.

If you've been watching the :ingenieros: muddle through the 1885 season—in other words, if you're that rarest of creatures, a real fan of LNP baseball—we can say nothing more than: this game is *especially* for you. Enjoy.

Who do you like in the Snooker World Championships?

Btw, if you get an "unblock tech" pirate box off amazon cause of all the sports and foreign channels they pirate like espn, sky sports, tsn, etc, you might want to set up an isolated network segment for it just to be safe. Don't recommend it cause piracy is bad tho.

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I'm watching a lot of ipl cricket lately cause it's just whats on, but I don't know doodly about these teams.

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The wrestler who broke his neck and had it exacerbated by the actively negligent response of the officials on the scene has died. :(

Griffey Sr/Jr - Kirk McCaskill
Guerrero Sr/Jr - Max Scherzer and Iván Nova

Probably Felipe and Moises Alou, maybe some of the Ripkens?

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Movie goof: all the Monstars wear jerseys with the number 0, despite the rules of basketball specifying that players on the same team cannot share a number

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I wonder how many father/son pairs have homered off the same pitcher.

Blaming the refs feels much more true to the historic spirit of the Wiz than winning consistently, but I'm still psyched and optimistic for the lakers game

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