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The Hall of Really Very Good but Also in the Same Division as the Yankees

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Oh dang. My buddy with the Cleveland Guardians roller derby team is sueing the Cleveland baseball team for copyright infringement for taking the same name.

Seems like they were in talks for the the MLB team to buy the rights, but those broke down and the MLB team went ahead with the name anyway.

Montrezl Harrell is the fire that the Wizards have been missing for years

I see that you are all watching football but I'm still catching up on the sport where the commentators say things like "he's the astronaut and she's from outer space" and "he has to work on his finishing because he's a warrior and she's a goddess who's trying to convince him to choose peace"

My nephew didn’t realize the WFT kicker is his buddy. Last time he saw the guy, he was working in a ups store.

Celebrate the :lnp: seasonal event—the first annual —with a new design, courtesy of @Louisa!

All eight of the spookiest teams in the league, faithfully represented in a beautiful papercut design.

Today only:
Get all designs at 10% off, and if you buy over $45, enter "FREESHIP1021."

White on black:

Colors on orange:

I’ll bet pro leagues never have the refs just not show

I will never stop celebrating athletes that are open about their mental health. It could make the difference in someone’s life to see this

October art thread: the 16th 

All done! Now it's up to the LNP to clean up the scanned image a bit, and it'll be on t-shirts soon ✨👚✨

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October art thread: the 13th 

Yesssssss feeling good about the progress, a few little details and I can start copying it over onto white paper in black ink for the final draft

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Kevin Long to the Phils. The Nats truly stink at retaining people. Starts at the top.

atlanta should be banned from hosting home games until they stop doing the fucking chop

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Dear athletes, Please stop attacking walls. You will never win. Stadium walls are several orders of magnitude tougher than the toughest athlete ever.

One more week in the 1886 season.

First, Ted Balloon ( :bucaneros:) and Make Jarisnick ( :mulos:) face off in a prospect showcase.

Then the :brujos: take on René Joglar's :patrulleros:—and as always, Dro and @Louisa will tell you everything in between random tangents about wood tar liquor, lost horses that may be ghosts, and possibly some, uh, special pills.

first pitch 7:05 PM EDT


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