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The Hall of Really Very Good but Also in the Same Division as the Yankees

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Joey Meneses doesn’t even have his own bats. He just borrowed a bunch from other players cause he didn’t like the Rochester team bats. Probably doesn’t mean anything, but he’s on a roll and I admire a good scrounger.

How long till one of the DC teams realizes cherry blossom themed uniforms are better in every way and makes them their primaries? - I found out about the existence of this old IBM DOS text baseball game from '86 that EA published last night and this is a lot of fun.

You can play this game on through DOSBox on your web browser.

unconventional scoring strategy but seems to be working for the Os


the greatest broadcaster in any sport ever

the greatest broadcaster ever

It’s not rebuilding if you get rid of everyone good year after year.

Just drove home with four out of sync singing baby shark plush toys going the whole time without blowing a gasket.

If the cowboys renamed themselves the crowboys (and changed conferences), they would have an epic rivalry with the Ravens.

Alls not well that ends well, but this sumo tournament was well ended nevertheless irregardlessly.

The actual matches that they’ve been able to have are good, but it’s probably safe to say that everyone should be out.

Rick goddamn Flair is wresting again on July 31st.

He's 73 years old.

This last match was really good. The others? They were things that happened.

• the shortstop should be on stilts
• sand traps and water hazards in the outfield
• one player on each team is secretly trying to get the other team to win
• pinch hitting must be done by the team mascot
• if you hit a home run you have to play the rest of the game in a special hat that blows bubbles
• if you hit two home runs you have to play the rest of the game blindfolded, also you're wearing the bubble hat

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every third game played on ice skates

if the game is tied after 9 innings, both teams are assessed three losses in the standings

bored umpires can declare a bonanza inning where there's a batter at each base and the pitcher can throw wherever

some bats are secretly piñatas and whoever eats the most candy when it breaks gets to wear a sparkly glove and MC Hammer pants

It’s probably 50/50 odds at this point that every single wrestler in the current sumo tournament will either test positive or be disqualified as a close contact before this thing wraps.

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