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Next, the one in, similarly sorted:


:capitanes: (LH)
71-35, 15th division banner, have yet to miss

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Some more playoff news, starting with the outs, sorted by date of announcement:


:atenienses: (LH)
30-72, last appeared 1875


:artesanos: (LH)
34-71, last appeared 1884 :oof:


:cuervos: (LB)
37-72, last appeared 1871 (also :oof:)



:ingenieros: (LH)
37-70, have not yet appeared

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We've now spent a good portion of the last two days building a home run tracker for the 1885 season in order to prove something.

We made it all the way to the current date before finding out a very disturbing fact: we're missing five.

If you wonder what the Gaceta staff does on Saturday mornings—that’s weird, but usually we check on the almanac and write whatever’s next.

Today, it was three hours of fixing OOTP’s templates so :lnp: player names display correctly.

Don’t ever doubt our dedication to the cause.

A few more things, if we haven't convinced you already:

- @Louisa will be on game #1 to cheer on her beloved :ingenieros:, and then tut-tut agreeably when they fall apart before the sixth.

- It's our first stream with OOTP 22, which is actually a pretty big step forward in terms of watching the action unfold.

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And if one game of trash baseball isn't enough for you, how about you watch the :chupacabras: and :guardacostas: (hi, @paolo) beat the tar out of each other's pitchers?

first pitch ~8:30 PM EDT

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A night for the true perverts among :lnp: fans.

First, this has NEVER happened before—the :ingenieros: are somehow favored vs. the :atenienses:, probably because the Ates are the only defense worse than La Máquina.

first pitch 7:00 PM EDT


Remember there's two polls awaiting your vote right now!

The more recent one is here:

Another team enters the playoffs on July 31st:

:mulos: (LB)
64-40, last missed 1876

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Hey all, guess what—

As of a few hours ago, @lnpgaceta made Twitch affiliate, which means we can rerun games and upload videos in our off time.

We couldn't have done this without you. Thanks for the follows, and for those of you who drop by, thanks for the views, the chat, and hopefully, we give you some fun baseball to watch in return.

Don't need more follows, but if you should want to drop by, every Friday at 7:00 PM EDT (and maybe more often in the future!) that's:

On July 29th, another team entered the playoffs:

:potros: (LB)
67-33, last appearance 1884

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On July 28th, those three were joined by a fourth:

:pescadores: (LB)
29-72, last appearance 1883

On the bright side, there is finally one team definitely in the playoffs:

:valencianos: (LB)
80-21, last appearance 1884

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Also on July 27th, the first three teams officially got bounced out of the playoffs. None were a surprise.

:criollos: (LH)
22-76, last appearance in 1875

:gallitos: (LH)
26-75, last appearance in 1876

:soles: (LB)
27-74, last appearance in 1875

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On July 27th, during the 100th game of the :valencianos:, Ricardo Galarza became the first pitcher to strike out 15 batters in a single game during the 1885 season, tying the franchise record and putting the strikeout crown for the entire :lnp: firmly in his camp.

Jesús Perez ( :picudos:) becomes the third 10-HR hitter of 1885 with a 420-foot, three-run shot to left-center, ruining Adrián López's ( :citricos:) shutout 2.2 innings in.

The :guardacostas: just won against the :guabaleros:

- 7-6;
- in the 10th, by walk-off RBI single;
- after giving up two home runs, including that Miguel AcuÑa one we talked about;
- with Mario González as the pitcher of record.

González (1-0) is a right fielder.

And he wrote upon it:

🎶 Reeeee-turn to sender! 🎶

Enrique Méndez ( :maratonistas:), off of Oscar Vega ( :lobos:), 383-foot solo shot into left field.

And sure, Méndez is probably going to lose this game—the Maras are down 6-2—but it sure isn't his fault!

No word on whether any fans at the game required correction on the pronunciation of Bocaza's surname.

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Meanwhile, Miguel "Bocaza" Acuña, the hitting wizard on the :guabaleros: who is also somehow the best defensive first baseman in the league, just hit his tenth home run to tie for the league lead.

Indalecio "Volcán" Flores ( :jueyeros:) hasn't hit one since June 23rd, over a month ago.

We've been a little less than responsive with the news, so let us tell you about a couple recent events:

Daniel Canó ( :samaritanos:)—currently at 2.19 ERA / 2.73 FIP / 1.07 WHIP—capped off his most solid season yet with a 9-K, 1-BB no-hitter of the :patrulleros:.

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